HP waves goodbye to WebOS Tablet and Phone business?


According to a Bloomberg report it seems HP is set to sadly close its WebOS business for Tablets and Smartphones.


Hewlett-Packard may announce the plans as early as today, said the people, who asked not to be identified before a statement. The Palo Alto, California-based company is scheduled to report quarterly earnings today after markets close.Chief Executive Officer Leo Apotheker has said he wants to expand in software and services that help customers deliver computing over the Internet, through the so-called cloud. Hewlett-Packard has been aiming to lessen its dependence on lower-margin PCs, where growth has stalled as consumers flock to tablet-style computers like those made by Apple Inc. (AAPL).

This hasn’t been the best year for HP when it comes to WebOS, since purchasing WebOS and the big take over of Palm, HP just haven’t had that product. The HP Pre 3 has only just started to be even thought about being available to us when it was introduced at the very start of the year, probably forgotten about it like us haven’t you! And the HP Touchpad, which on paper was an iPad killer for sure, the best competitor to do so … but suddenly there’s HP, a highly respectable company begging US retailer BestBuy to not junk the product after only selling a mere 10% of shipped devices.

But HP also suffered in sales of their highly respected PC sales, which is why they are focusing on changing their PCs to make them more appealing with a PC spinover project. We’ll all have to see I guess what that ends up being.

WebOS has just sadly been one of those risks that HP couldn’t handle and we’re definitely sad to see WebOS go.

HP do however appear to be planning a big new PC spinover, whatever that is, and there is no mention on whether WebOS will play a part in that, fingers crossed if you ask me. WebOS deserves another chance. Well, I guess we’re back to the big 3 again, Apple, Google and RIM. … Microsoft are still catching up and getting there as of yet, and we don’t believe the IDG prediction of Windows Phone getting #2 marketshare in 2015 at all, but hey, its all opinion, sad to see one horse leave the race though.

:Updates on this story:

UPDATE: HP have confirmed however that they are not giving up on WebOS, just WebOS devices such as Pre smartphones and the Touchpad. HP are still considering licensing the OS for third party companies, which means the Touchpad and Pre 3 may not be the last WebOS devices we see after all! (source)

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