Apple release physical version of Mac OS X Lion

Apple have, after many was noted to be shipping to Apple Stores, released Mac OS X Lion in physical form. But seen as Apple doesn’t seem to be a fan of the optical disc anymore, the physical version comes in the form of a USB Thumb Drive.

Advantages of USB Thumb Drive version of Lion

  • Advantages of this version of Lion is that the version of Lion is on the USB Drive. The USB Thumb Drive features a “full” version of Mac OS X Lion, this means that users with Leopard will actually be able to install Lion on their machines without a Snow Leopard upgrade (providing the machine meets system requirements), but the upgrade will be similar to that of Windows XP to Windows 7, in the form of the update must be done by wiping the hard drive and doing a complete install.
  • Whilst the world hasn’t left the disc behind just yet, it is much better to have an operating system on a USB Drive for basic reasons such as its much more robust and USB Drives can transfer much quicker than DVD meaning the installation of Lion may even be quicker due to this, plus, if you drop a USB drive on the floor, you can just pick it up with no worry, try doing that with a disc … well, don’t but you know what we mean.

Now I know what you’re thinking, why is the USB version much more expensive than the version that is still available in the Mac App Store for the same £20.99.

  • Well, first of all its a USB drive and shipping needs to be done, although this is probably not what you had in mind.
  • The main reason is that the version of Lion on the drive is different than that on the Mac App Store. The version of Mac OS X Lion on the Mac App Store is an “Upgrade Only” version, meaning you require Snow Leopard, and, the biggest problem is you can’t do a clean install. This version of Lion is the “Full Version”, meaning you can still do an upgrade if you so wish (providing you’re running Snow Leopard), but you can also do a clean install, which means your qualifying Macs running Leopard for example, can just jump on board to Lion, be it in the hard drive wipe form.
If you’re wondering if your Mac qualifies for Mac OS X Lion, here’s the requirements again
One of the following Intel Processors: Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Xeon. (Core Solo, Core Duo not supported)
7GB Available Disc Space
Apple obviously recommend a Mac with some source of Multi Touch. Trackpad, Magic Mouse etc.

So there you have it. Apple Mac OS X Lion, now available in physical form.


Mac OS X Lion Thumb Drive – Apple Store : (US)

Mac OS X Lion Thumb Drive – Apple Store : (UK)

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