Apple iPhone 5 Pre-orders starting September 30th?

Apple’s upcoming 5th iPhone could be set to be released in October and pre-orders could be beginning as soon as September 30th.

According to a source at 9ToMac the upcoming iPhone 5 could be released in either October 7th or October 14th based on how well the product production goes, which sources are saying pre-production of the iPhone 5 is going very well so far, lets hope for Apple’s sake the antenna is as well … had to be said.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is rumoured to feature the same A5 dual core processor found in the iPad 2, but I think we’ve been thinking that ever since the iPad 2 was announced, other rumours include an 8 MegaPixel camera with full 1080P video recording. One thing to be sure is that the phone will be running Apple iOS5, which will also run on all current selling iOS devices including the iPhone 3G[S] and 4, and the 3rd and 4th gen iPod Touch.

Apple was previously rumoured to be launching the iPhone 5 at a September event, although those rumours were later denied by an Apple source, but all the same, we’re getting to the time when Apple normally has a media event. The Sept/Oct media event is normally to launch updates to the iPod line and a new version of iTunes, which has had a drastic rumour in itself that it could support a ravamped interface which would be waaaay overdue.

Either way, we’ll all see what happens to the upcoming iPhone 5 and I’m sure we’ll all have to look steep in our wallets for the funds to get it, and we at RKUK Media will be there all the way with a review and a comparison of it to the current iPhone 4 and of course the pros and cons, as well as which is the best network for the device.

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