Is FaceBook scared of Google Plus? Invite links banned!

Many reports are going round that FaceBook may actually be banning links shared on peoples News Feed inviting them over to Google Plus. This is a big deal, not only for Google, as its kind of the only way to get on Google Plus STILL but for FaceBook who is obviously starting to worry about Google Plus.

I’ve always said that Google Plus has much more potential than FaceBook and Google only have a hand full of steps till you’d be stupid not to switch, mainly leaving invite only stage.

Are you having problems sharing Google Plus invite links on your FaceBook?

Would you switch from Facebook to Google Plus?

Or is all this just one of FaceBook’s many f*** ups and the statuses actually appear 5 hours later like usual, who knows, very interesting though.

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2 thoughts on “Is FaceBook scared of Google Plus? Invite links banned!

  1. Yeah, my status saying I will def leave FB for Google+ if it is as good as I hope, has been blocked/censored, at least temporarily.:) That is just silly.

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