RKUK Music – End of an Era

RKUK Media is a media company that are continuing to aim higher in the media concept of the companies name. To do this RKUK has and intends to make more partnerships with other networks in the field to produce entertainment for the RKUK Media website.

RKUK Media has recently had a massive track record of having a great collection of the latest and greatest in music videos, but that has unfortunately had to change recently with action taken at this years RKUK Developers Conference.

RKUK Media CEO Ben Hanson announced that music on RKUK Media was becoming “irrelevant through competition”, and that the company needed to find “its new reason for being”.

Music videos currently on RKUK Media, including those hosted from Selection DVDs 1 – 97 will remain on RKUK Media for archive purposes, as well the videos uploaded on the newly introduced ‘B4SelDVDs’ service.

RKUK Media has also announced that despite getting rid of music videos in the future, it still has plans to upload music videos from the Selection VHS to RKUK Media in the coming future.

“Music is definitely not leaving RKUK Media though”, Ben was clear to point out. Services such as the home page section for the UK Number 1 Single and Album will still remain as well as many album and single reviews, the only difference will be linking out to third party video sites such as VEVO and YouTube.

What will be music video replaced by?

The question was put to RKUK CEO Ben Hanson and he responded with;

“You can’t replace music, its one of the many foundations that will always remain in your life, and we’re not replacing or removing music from our site at all. We regularly look at whats going off around us as a company and have found that much better services exist offering music videos than what we have, they’re far from perfect (referring to VEVO) and aren’t completely ready yet, but beat the services we had. It was mainly that which made us make this decision. We love music, Ilove music, but its very expensive and we weren’t seeing any profit, and, we we’re even seeing a decline. We will be bringing back old services and working harder on other existing ones on RKUK Media to make the site more engaging and exciting, its a bold and daring move, but we’re gonna risk it!”

The RKUK Media website will begin getting a revamp in response to the new services coming to the website in the coming weeks.

© RKUK Media Corporation 2011

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