Blog Sunday 3rd April 2011

Well it’s been a hectic few days which turned in to weeks, not only has there been an end for my cats life, people getting bones sticking out of their body, this blog not been released on the last Monday date because of so much new shit happening, but on the plus side I’ve got an iPad 2 in which I’m happily writing this on, the keyboard is surprisingly awesome.

iPad 2 – What a device!
As mentioned in previous posts I wanted to purchase the iPad 2 which launched on Friday, whilst it did launch on launch day at many places such as obviously Apple Stores, PC World, Currys, Comet, Argos, HMV, as well as many carrier stores for the 3G model, I still didn’t expect to be able to get one on launch day, but hey, guess what, what?, I’ll tell ya … I got one and bluddy love it.
Getting the iPad 2 was interesting in itself and I did a Twitter feed at #bensliveiblog on the progress of purchasing the device. I planned from day one of getting it from Birstall Retail Park, which is good as it contains 3 of the many areas that sell the iPad 2 virtually next door to each other, I ended up going to Currys PC World, which is the biggest one in Britain, so should have some eh?, still had my doubts. To my surprise there weren’t that many people there, this was 3:20, when it didn’t launch till 5, but hey just over an hour and half! Whilst waiting I got … well I got 3 things, a biscuit, drink of water, and most importantly a piece of paper guaranteeing me “an iPad 2”, why in quotation, well because they couldn’t guarantee which one. I was 30 in line for the iPad and my choice to come in at the time I did payed off as no joke, 10 minutes later the queue had ooo, way over 40, 50 maybe, then as the time approached closer to the 5PM launch time, people were actually getting turned away and told to go at number 70, so with that number I was a bit more confident at getting the model I wanted, the 32GB Black Wi-Fi model. Don’t know about you but I think the White looks bluddy awful, but yeh anyway, actually got it, they had 25 of each model in Wi-Fi and 10 Wi-Fi+3G, I noticed on a checkbox they had to guarantee stock. For whatever reason they didn’t have the 16 and 64 gig White 3G models, why no one said, but hey based on the checkbox, only 3 of the 29 in front of me got the White ones so it’s not just me. Having said that I’ve seen many people online regretting the White one so errr, yeh good luck with that Apple. Anyway, got it home and love it, so yeh, try if you can get an iPad 2. I’ll have a review for it ASAP.

Also on Friday
Getting the iPad 2 was helped actually by Rob, Caddy and Grandad … ish … OK not in many ways, but hey made it a bit more fun, and more expensive thanks to Robs taxi recommendation. Anyway after an unexpected pint at the Hunsworth, we headed off. Whilst I bought my iPad 2 and they decided to well browse other retailers the time eventually arrived when I got the iPad and we headed back to Grandads for a barbecue?, yeh they always go well, but hey. The group grew by 3 at Grandads with Kai, Jess and Helen arriving then we headed off to the Wickham. Had quite a laugh actually, the group grew by 1 more and really had quite a laugh to be honest. Had a chat with Kai and Jess about a new film production should be interesting, always willing to help anyone if possible. It was all going well till we headed for the last place for the night, ze Weatherspoons. Don’t know what happened, not taking sides but I know who’s side I’m on, it basically ruined a nearly perfect night out, Helen through a drink at this guy we were with and well it just lowered the mood of the night and, well just pissed me off really as they were all getting on till some “rumours” got mentioned between someone else, annoying. Anyway, if we take away the last half an hour, a really great night, well, great day to be honest.

All Went Downhill From There
As fun as Friday was, it all begin to sink when Saturday arrived. I went to Argos on Saturday to get my hands on the HDMI cable for the iPad, reserved around and ended up going to Bradford and left after a camp asian Argos staff member went, “OOOOO, NOW YOU CAN USE IT IN TEEEEVEEEE!!!”, to which I made quite a prominent exit.
As I was walking up the street is where it all began to sink a little, I saw 3 neighbours that for one thing never hang out together and two never talk to me, anyway they were all staring at Jack (my oldest legend of a cat) just lying on the ground, first impressions obviously was “oh god he’s dead”, and part of me going, “I wanna try this cable!”, no but seriously he wasn’t looking good, breathing very heavily and couldn’t seem to get up, anyway rung people up and what not, then the cheeky bastard got up and went inside, I KNOWW!!!, but he wasn’t himself. Anyway got him some food and he kinda eat it, so we let him be when he rested in his usual spot. Side note, the HDMI cable is fabulous, just not on a crap Sharp TV that we have in the living room, likely going back to the shop soon.
Sunday, a week now, was probably the worst day in 2011, got woke up at 8AM (left Jack in overnight because we weren’t sure about him, glad we did though) by my Mum and Dad saying Jack is not well, now it was more alarming that my Dad was telling me as he doesn’t, in most cases, give a rats ass about animals, anyway, came downstairs to a pitiful site, his entire back had gone and you could tell he was in intense pain, and you wouldn’t be human not to have a tear in your eyes as even though he was in intense agony he was still dragging himself across the floor and trying to get on your knee for some last minute loving. Then Cleo came in (my other younger cat) and just walked up to Jack, touched noses, nodded and walked away, I was expecting a speech then, it was quite the site. Anyway, under an hour later, he was gone to be put down, his heart was weak and his entire back was gone basically, it would be cruel not to, and he was gone.
Anyway, visited my Grandma and Grandad as well during the day, they had a play with my iPad, think my Grandma wants one, I’m no even kidding, she loves the whole reading books on it and all, in fact I’ve a collection of Sherlock Holmes books on thanks to my Grandma, see it’s true, some technology does amaze Grandparents.

College and what not.
Think it’s fair to say it took me a while to get over Jack, yes it’s just a cat, but it’s not, Jack is a one and only man, and even today Cleo, my other cat, still hasn’t fully recovered from it all. Anyway, tried my best to rise above it and well, the week flown by anyway. Got Elbows album during the week, wish I could say it’s better than the first album but apart from the first track ‘The Birds’, it’s all just so so unfortunately. Anyway not much happened this week, well Tuesday was quite a confusion thanks to Shahid not doing his job right only 4 people turned up at the 9:30 time including me, advantage of us lot literally guessing that we’d be here at this time led to over an hour earlier home time which was swell.

This Weekend
Got quite a lot of homework this weekend which wasn’t nice at all if I may say do myself, didn’t fully finish Databases cause I was stuck, and kinda didn’t finish Lynns to keep up tradition, no I will do, but theres a lot to do man.

Lees House To Himself Thingy
It was Grandad Lees turn to have the house to himself yesterday and joining me and Lee obviously was Caddy, Kai and Jess and ya know what it was pretty damn awesome … OK it wasn’t that good lol, no it was a good night, it’s quite the group. We played a bit of Guitar hero which may I say so myself I was awesome on bass scoring higher than Lee who’s had the game to himself for years and its probably the what, 3rd time playing it and even through them times I’ve never played the bass, so pftyeaahhh!!! We watched the film ‘Beetlejuice’, which is random-much, which explains why Jess likes it, nah, who am I kidding we all freaking strange, anyway, after that we watched some Black Books then Jess and Kai left, so what better to do than see what’s on TV and find possibly the most randomest crappest yet pure awesome film you’ve ever seen. Now if your Chinese then is film might be awesome to you, but come on man! We ended up watching ‘I’m A Cyborg, But That’s Ok’ on Film4, what the hell basically! Favourite scenes have to be the random shooting around the hospital, the cyborg shooting through the air shouting GRANNY!!!, and the amazing noodle rice interpretation of the that famous Christmas song, how does it go now err, oh yeh;
Silent Rice, Holy Rice
Eating noodle and eating rice
It’s cold
… Now that’s a lyric man
What else needs saying eh?

Ought Else
Well I’ll have an iPad 2 review coming soon, upon request and I’ll update my WordPress site after this is posted as I’ve noticed it’s about 3 posts out of date, so err sorry about that, I’ve also added a neat iPad theme on there too so if you’re on an iPad you can enjoy some juicy HTML5ness. Oh and it was an April Fool to the fact that I had died my hair green, duh! And a little Easter egg to the incredibly beautiful lass that randomly added me, woo!

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