Blog Saturday 12th February 2011

Well, since my last blog we’ve entered the world of February and what a month its been so far, multiple rumours going round of new Apple gear, rumours of Gorillaz splitting up then confirmation from them that they aren’t and then rumours that I never went to a strip club, which I can confirm that I … … might have! lol. Anyway, despite a terrible introduction, lets get going.



3rd February, my birthday, which lands on a Thursday this year, which is absolutely typical as every year apart from this one I’ve had Thursday as my day off, but no its Friday now, so I had to live through College, oh joy oh joy. But hey I had friendssurprise birthday-ness to look forward to right, yeah that made me feel oh so much better and not preoccupied all day did it.

Anyway, got home after a rather not bad day at College to be honest, a so-so day, yeah! Anyway, got home, and watchedThe Chase, loving that program recently, then bamm before ya know it I’ve got the collection of friends in my living room … I know! Anyway, seen as I’d heard “rumours” that I might possibly be staying over at some godforsaken place I decided to shower, which is funny as thats the first time I’ve mentioned that in a blog, I do clean regularly people. lol. Anyway, got showered, had a Chocolate Bunny and well, we we’re off … to the Wickham, which started very well, oh yes, I managed to successfully spill drink over Caddy seconds there, but hey, went a tad better later on. Received an … interesting Birthday card to say the least from the gang, received a present of a pack of Scones and many Bacon Fries, what more can you ask for hey, if you’re thinking Ben what the hell, then you obviously aren’t a bloggity regular my friend. Anyway, which at that time we we’re Rob, Helen, Caddy, Grandad, Kai and Helen who soon left as we began the journey that would destroy all matter on Earth, the journey to the end of the world, yes thats right folks we ended up there, where did we end up, we ended up in the land of …. Leeds .. oh.

When we arrived in Leeds we pretty much did everything that we do when we go to Cleck, we headed for the Weatherspoons, except Leeds Weatherspoons is a tad different as it kinda is like, well in comparison to Cleckheatons’ Spoons we we’re walking in to Buckingham freeking Palace, yes the feeking was necessary. Had a look at Rob’s new pile of shit, his new Blackberry … I mean that in a good way, he got a Kineticat as he calls it. Anyway we travelled around to many other pubs, one which only had certain alcoholic beverages which resulted in a pretty bad pint but hey, then visited a few other bars, then we required a bitta money, well they did, so they went to an ATM. Now before I continue, answer this question to me please, when you go to an ATM do you usually get asked by a man in a Hummer to go to a Strip Club? … Well we we’re no, but to be honest we weren’t complaining and thats when the night got pretty damn interesting. You know when the people taking you to the place where you expect fit people are fit you know you’re going to the right place, well, one person, but hey.

When we arrived we walked down a nice little walkway in to The Deep Blue Purple Door and seen as pretty much all of us were Strip Club virgins none of us really knew what to expect, but well, we weren’t … disappointed, put it that way, I mean we’d walked in to the highlight of the night. By arriving in a Hummer, which may I just say right now was pretty damn uncomfortable for me, cramped in to half a seat left, but hey, I wasn’t bound to miss out on a lift. Anyway, by going in the Hummer we all got a free drink and a card of danceness, which as soon as you mention you’re a birthday boy kinda gets you going early so was the first to get one. To prevent this blog turning in to a weird freaky purvey diary I will just say the first one I had was a blonde lass and yeah pretty good 7/10. Then when I got back and showed my review face to everyone they quickly followed. Tell ya somert though, I owe Kai one, he gave me his card of danceness (by the way they aren’t called that) just seconds from probably the only 10/10 in the place came towards me and well, sold, go, yeyy. I’ll be honest with you, we connected that night, and was talking to her, yes contrary to believe some strippers actually have a sense of humour … I know, shocker! … well surprised me. Yep, she was some Brunette man, told me she’d just gone 21 and, well, we kinda had quite a good time, awesomes!

Then life shot me in the head and we had to leave, sob. But anyway, we went to another pub one that actually had drinkable beverage where we reviewed the nights current progress, Grandad revealed that he like Sara Bareilles – Love Song and songs by The Feeling which was … swell. Then we walked to other places, got informed by two random women that we could go to another Strip Club in a Limo, well, got a card and went somewhere else, well after some deliberations based on how much it was to enter, and whilst Rob and Kai did persuade us to go in, it was quite crap, massive yes, but crap. It just didn’t have the right atmosphere to me. Anyway, we eventually left the massive crap place and ordered our Limo, then it arrived, just in time for a random passerby to ask for Cigs off Rob, seriously man, he wouldn’t go away, anyway, we eventually got away from him and into the free Limo to Strip Club 2.

When we entered the second Strip Club of the night, and the last venue of the night it was clear that we’d entered a completely different Club compared to the previous. Anyway, we entered the Red Leopard, eventually after the 2 by 2 entering and paying an entry free, which the other didn’t have. Again, having heard it was my Birthday went to another advantage, especially when the bouncer that had checked my ID confirmed it, and to start with it got me a free shot, then I got a free pint for entering so err yeh! Anyway, when I ordered a drink I noticed a women looking at me quite noticeably, which ended up been not only my free dance, but for not as much as usual my quite alot more of the night. We entered a private room and for 45 minutes we were, well, it was good, and to be honest thats all that needs publishing, even in this Members Only blog. But Ben, did she get full naked? Phftyeah!!!. Did you and her …ya know? No comment. Oh and this has been bugging me all night Ben, did you’re phone go off mid-session whilst she was on you playing the SECRETARIAT dance song? As much as I wish I could say no, yes it did, why oh why Rob, it was going so well until then, then I’d to explain the theme tune to her, and she doesn’t know what Craig Ferguson is, what Geoff Peterson is or the Secretariat is for that matter!

Anyway, session over, me happy and what not, we left and headed back to base, not until some well needed 24 hour open McDs though, oh no. After that though, back to base. Apart from the dreadfully uncomfortable bed at the ETap hotel, lack of any Digital TV, and Kais Elephant snoring, yeah, slept well :/.

Anyway, next morning we headed back to the land of Cleckheaton and to the less good and definitely not Buckingham Palace Weatherspoons in Cleck, then I got some Greggs and went home, all in all, quite the incredible birthday, thanks guys!



College has been pretty so so recently, not much happening on that line, well I had my interview for the next course I’m applying for, a Foundation Degree, which I think went quite well and actually asked the right questions for once, rather than going in to “Erm” mode, which is annoying. Although advantage is, I know the person that interviewed us so can kinda ask any further questions to her face.

Part from that, same old College to be honest, oh and Aaron revealed abit more information on the location of his Birthday bash, and some women who couldn’t light a cig went to a river and came back and it was lit, truly inspirational!


Ought Else

Yeah actually, had a bump in to Nathan this week and his girlfriend and had a pop in to their house, had quite a laugh to be honest, but always do with them lot, wasn’t that bothered about what we ended up watching on TV like, but well, thats BBC Three all over recently, crap with the occasional showing of a FOX Comedy that people watch it for.

Erm, ought else, err, well I saw a guy fail at chucking an egg at someone, missed by a mile, so much so I actually laughed, err, oh and I’m purchasing Ning Pro to get video uploads so the sites gonna get even better than it already is, look out for it, not for a while yet like, but well, ITS COMING!!! Du duh duuhh.


Anyways campers, which reminds me Kai invited me to a camping thing, … yeh, I’ll err think about that, likely a no, we’ll see how many go to be honest, but me is not a camping person!

But heys, E-Ya Later



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