Bruno Mars – Doo-Wops & Hooligans Album Review

Its been a very interesting year for music this year and if one artist has shone throughout the year its definitely been Bruno Mars and in January his debut album will finally hit UK shores, so is it any good, lets have a look shall we.

rating3.5 Grenade

The album kicks off with Grenade, classic Bruno Mars anthem song. Not the strongest on the album and very cheesy desperate lyrics, but is an instant hit from the first time you hear it, although we found it gets old and boring quite quickly.

rating5 Just The Way You Are

This is the anthem on the album, the song that put Bruno Mars to our ears. With its consistent women complimenting lyrics to die for, this is the ultimate song that all women want singing to them. The song, like most on this album is yet again cheesy, but this is song is just pure gold. Bruno Mars’ voice also completely shines throughout this song especially in the high middle 8 towards the end. I also recommend if you haven’t already to check out the music video as it just completely matches the song perfectly, something that unfortunately can’t really be said for the ‘Grenade’ music video. From the first piano rift to the “Yeaahhh!!!” at the end, this song is just 10/10.

rating2.5 Our First Time

The next track is a slow mover track with what can only be described as a bit of a reggae drum and bass around it. The “Go with it” and “Slow with it” chorus repeat is one that you’ll be singing along to as the second and last chorus arrive. Whilst the song is alright, its one of the weakest songs on the album and kinda reminds us of some 90s Peter Andre, so err… yeah.

rating2.5 Runaway Baby

Runaway Baby brings the album back to choppy speed. This is the song on the album you can dance to, a real fast moving beat to the track with pretty much rapping from Bruno Mars. This is a little pop number just to get up and dance to, but unfortunately thats as far as the song goes.

rating2 The Lazy Song

The Lazy Song is one great song about the way we all feel now and then, just the ‘I can’t be bothered’ moment, I chuckled when I heard “in my castle, I’m the fricking man”. The song essentially is simple as what it sounds, a lazy song with the occasional dream going on as well.

rating4 Marry You

“Its a beautiful night we’re looking for something dumb to do, hey baby I think I wanna marry you”. What more needs to be said, this is one hell of a track this, this is the best unreleased song on the album in our opinion, has a funky dancy beat and has that ‘Just The Way You Are’ type lyric-ness, unfortunately in many areas it sounds a bit like a copy of that song especially the ‘Just say you do’ part sounds and is incredibly similar to ‘The way you are’ part of ‘Just The Way You Are’ with the same high pitch note on the last notes etc, just saying, its a bit repetitive, but hey its a great song none the less.

rating4.5 Talking to The Moon

Talking To The Moon is an anthem in itself, the song derives around the feeling of losing someone in a relationship and well, not getting over them so ending up talking to the moon. The song is a truly beautiful number and nothing much can be said, just a really great song.

rating1.5 Liquor Store Blues (feat. Damian Marley)

This is the worst track on the record in our opinion, nothing in this song works for us, its not bad, but when you play it following the last few tracks it seems really out of place. Sorry, even with Damian Marley not convinced.

rating4 Count On Me

Count On Me is a little melodic number, acoustic beat singing about simply life and what not. The song has a real nursery-rhime feel to it, and Bruno Mars’ voice really does shine throughout this song. “You can count on me like 1 2 3” and “I can count on you like 4 3 2” is so simple but fits in perfectly, another great song and makes up for the disastrous previous track.

rating4 The Other Side (feat. B.o.B and Cee Lo Green)

This was a great single when it came out and if you ask me didn’t get deserved airplay when it was released, really great song and features Gnarls Barkley vocalist now solo singer Cee Lo Green and fellow Bruno Mars collaborator B.o.B. “You know I, I’ll be waiting on the other side, and you all you’ve got to do is cross the line”, the chorus either when sung by Bruno Mars himself (all but second chorus) or by Cee Lo Green it sounds awesome, and B.o.B’s rap also fits in perfectly and for a rap actually has some pretty great lyrics which perfectly fit the mood of the song.

rating5 Somewhere In Brooklyn

Somewhere In Brooklyn is probably my favourite song on the album, keeping the nusery-rhyme type song like on Count On Me but with added effects of ‘Just The Way You Are’ great. “She was covered in leather and gold, 21 years old, I lost her in the cold, its unfair she’s out there, somewhere, somewhere, somewhere in Brooklyn …”, the lyrics really speak for themselves. A song about a man trying to find the true love out there, in this case, in Brooklyn.

[IMPORTANT NOTE: This song is a bonus track and may not feature on all formats of the album]

rating4.5 Nothin’ On You (feat. B.o.B.)

Nothin’ On You was released by B.o.B and featured Bruno Mars but we can’t do a review of Bruno Mars and not mention this song. This is a fantastic release by the two and went to number 1 here and across the pond and how couldn’t it with lyrics like “Beautiful girls all over the world, I could be searching but my time would be wasted, cause they got nothing on you …”. The only reason this song doesn’t get a 10/10 is probably due to B.o.B’s rapping, its not bad but I do feel in some areas it ruins the songs potential, but hey, it was supposed to be a B.o.B song so who am I to judge.



The album has some absolutely fantastic songs on it, some I’ve even rated at 10/10 which is rare for my reviews, but then again the album contrains some in my opinion poisonous songs which really ruin the album and its annoying as there is only 10 tracks if you get the album on CD (bonus track download only) it can be annoying having to skip. Why ‘Somewhere In Brooklyn’ is just a bonus is a mystery to me as that was actually my favourite song. Like I said, great album, but man there is the odd couple of rubbish added to it that really are the only things stopping it from being a 5/5.

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