Using FaceTime on Mac OSX

FaceTime is the technology behind the video calling functionality on Apple’s new iPhone 4 and then the forth generation iPod Touch, and now its even on the Mac. So, what’s it like.
FaceTime for the Mac is still in beta, but is a free download and runs on Mac OSX Snow Leopard, lack of Leopard support at least is a bit of a mystery but hey.

Adding contracts / How to call an iPhone on your Mac?
Two of the biggest questions asked about using FaceTime on Mac OSX is adding new contacts and how to FaceTime iPhones, or even other Mac users with FaceTime, well its really rather simple and here’s what you’ve been missing.
All contacts shown in FaceTime are the same contacts from Address Book on Mac OSX, so to add a new FaceTime contact, you simply add a new contact and phone information in to Address Book. FaceTime automatically applies the “Mobile” number (if multiple numbers are applied for one contact).
So whilst all people have been searching for the magic plus button in FaceTime, launch Address Book and do it yourself basically.

How to ring Macs from an iPhone 4?
To ring a Mac from an iPhone 4 you first of all need to know the ‘Apple ID’ of the Mac your trying to contact, this is the e-mail address you use for iTunes purchases. Once you know that then use it by adding a contact, for example “MacBook”, then only enter the e-mail address in the contact information. Then save the contact.
If you tap on the e-mail address in the contact it will open a fresh new message in Mail, but to FaceTime the address, simply tap the FaceTime button, ta-dah!!!

Download FaceTime for Mac OSX 10.6.4 or later right here!

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