Blog Friday 3rd December 2010 – Snow, -20˚C, alot of it! and … what not!

Well its definitely been a while since my last blog hasn’t it, but if I’m been perfectly honest, we’ve reached that stage of the year where nothing kinda happens until the 25th, then kaboom, its a new year!
I’d be lying if somethings haven’t happened recently and I’d also be lying if I was to include them all in this public blog, but hey, read on and you’ll find out.

This week has been College-less, nearly. Well basically last weekend came this incredible mass of snow, which unfortunately wasn’t enough to stop our Monday of College, even though there were barely anyone here, but then it kept going and snow it definitely has, plus record temperatures overtaking -20˚C which is just ridiculous man, ouch! This did of course result in multiple sledging visits through the snow, and a surprising number of trips to Grandad Lee’s bar as it were. Of course I’m talking in past tense, it still is very cold outside and the surface is white, so who knows. I was actually very glad actually, for some reason since coming back from the holidays I just haven’t been the same me, less willing and what not, hopefully a break will bring back that … I dunno, umf! Although it hasn’t been that bad going to Grandad Lee’s drunken duck, apart from the fact its always absolutely freezing down there anyway, even with what is lets face it a useless radiator. Been playing on the Wii which has actually been pretty fun, had a great laugh last night as well with Caddy, Grandad and eventually Kai, some disagreements put the mood down for a minute, but when Kai arrived, we were back!

Mini Blogs
I’ve decided that every Friday, literally, I’ve to write a little mini-blog, bought time this thing had a schedule, of course if something does happens and the keys keep typing for a long time then they’ll be a proper blog, so there you go, kinda always a blog every week!

MONKEYS!!! About!
No one likes PG Tips, or did like ITV Digital, but you’ve got to love the monkey. So I’m following MONKEY on his adventures, of course this is FaceBook friends of me only. I may … only may, post these on a public mannor, but currently are available through my FaceBook page. Follow the adventures of MONKEY on BookFace friends.

Meet up with an old friend!
I’ve no idea if I mentioned this before, and for the love of god I’m not going back to check now, but I recently, which is a month ago, got a request on BookFace from what we’re going to call on this blog D (thats not her name, I just don’t know if she’s mind been mentioned), who is the sister of James H, ya know, James, that guy who used to come around when Aaron used to … never mind. Anyway Di… D, was his sister and to be honest pretty awesome back in the day, of course being her brothers friend kinda meant we didn’t become that close of friends, and the fact I actually had a crush on her at the time probably didn’t help, especially as this was the time of the whole “Mary” fiasco. Anyway, we had some very … interesting chats on FaceBook, which led to texts, then last week actually meeting up in person. Now, because I’m a man, I did some things stupidly, like telling her I actually really “like” her few days before actually meeting up, although she seemed to respond rather well to that, which was a bit of a shock.
Anyway, we met up and due to my previous outburst of loveness, it kinda left the first few hours and minutes rather awkward, but when reality struck home that I was in all fairness with an absolutely beautiful women who chose to turn up to see me, ya know you’ve kinda of got to just roll with it man. We actually had quite a laugh, I enjoyed myself, telling if she did was many times rather debatable, you can never tell with women. Well basically I told her that I love her, which I really do, and ya know, well, she didn’t leave put it that way.
What I love about when we met up was, the entire snow weather didn’t occur until that day had ended and we’d said buy, even the weather wants us to be in a relationship, I sure hope so. Although she’s been pretty quiet since then so I’m still kinda on the fence on whether it all went as well as it seemed, although I know she’s got quite the troubles of her own, which I’m definitely not going to go in here! But hey, if she’s looking for someone who loves her, and will support her through any lows, me’s ya man!

I’m really loving Blur right now!
Now seen as age restricted me from been a pure Blur fan, kinda because Leisure album came out before I did, if you know what I mean …. wow that was a bit nasty. But seriously after getting all 5 Blur albums, and with rumours of a 2011 project, I’m loving it, in comparison with Oasis, Blur are just gods. Seriously though, if you want cheering up listen to a bit of Blur, well, except Think Tank, thats the lovey dovey depressing one!

Christmas Songs 2010
This list will probably be updated later, but here are all NEW Christmas Songs that have arrived this year!
COLDPLAY – Christmas Lights
HURTS – All I Want For Christmas Is New Year’s Day
This list is sure to grow. I’ll be adding our classic collection of Christmas songs soon to the RKUK Media, and all Christmas songs on RKUK Media are available here!

RANDOM SIDENOTE: Does anyone spell Grandad correctly, seriously you’re supposed to spell it Granddad!

Well thats all folks, E-Ya Later


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