Blog Monday 11th October 2010 – Got the 4, Reunion and Well that were crap!

Since my last visit to you campers, well quite a bits happened so err… lets get to it then shall we!

iPhone 4
Well, in my last post I was talking about what deal to get with the iPhone 4, and well, now I kinda have one so lets get in to that shall we. The first day of October I spent on a train going to my “LOCAL” Apple Store, if you call two long trains and a bus local. I ordered a SIM Free iPhone 4 32GB online, I actually went in Google and searched for reserve and well did! When I got to the store they actually funnily enough didn’t even know how I’d done it as they stopped pre-ordering weeks ago, oh well, still got it so I’m happy of course. I also got an iPhone 4 dock, which many think is a waste of money, but I really do use them rather regularly, and seen as I’ve no intention getting a case it’ll lower the chance of possible scratches, which is swell. Yes, I haven’t had a case on the iPhone 4 and had it well over a week now and can clearly say I’ve had absolutely no issues with reception (Vodafone UK). I have to say though I’ve been more than happy with the iPhone 4, haven’t had a single headache, its a real fantastic phone, it even gets girls to sit next to ya, more on that later! The battery life is insane, I tried my best to drain it through an 8AM – 3AM day, yeah, long day, and it still had 24% juice. Everything is just great, camera, performance, design, its as I put in my review, perfect! The contrast of what I’ve been saying about that bluddy Android phone I’ve got compared to this is just amazing! Its not that I think Android is sh*t, its just that its completely sh*t now, but I do think that will change in the future, but the way the iPhone 4s going, its quite the thing to catch up to, especially when in the UK, the iPhone 4 works on every single network! So, yeah loving the iPhone 4.

Reunion with old friends, and bump in to another … you can’t write this stuff … hang on!
I don’t normally go out on Fridays, unless I’m purchasing an iPhone 4, but I was very happy to recieve a phone call from my iPhone 4 WHILST HOLDING IT WITH MY LEFT HAND IN THE DEATH GRIP (such rubbish I tell ya) from Nathan Chalmers. Hadn’t seen him in … well, since school, so nice to catch up, and nice that he kept his promise when I bumped in to him on the bus. Had a blast to be honest, after setting up my Grandma’s new HD TV (yeah I know, techy!), I was straight there. There was also Ben Yates, now Ben I haven’t seen for bluddy years, we probably would of been reunited in Year 9 if we didn’t get put in alternate sets, so haven’t seen Ben Yates really since I was in Year 4, kricky! We had a few pints of catching up, most of which I didn’t pay for which was an even bigger bonus, always happens that when you actually can afford to pay, just you wait next time when I’m skint. So yeah, made a few random videos that I uploaded to their own YouTube channel through my iPhone, don’t even ask what they were doing, bluddy hilarious though.
Now this is gonna get confusing, whilst hanging around with Ben Y, Nathan and his girlfriend, I bumped in to Ben Hunter, I KNOW … … three Bens. No I was rather shocked to see him to be honest, very quick howdy doody then buy as we kinda was with our own crowd, but yeah there ya go!
But overall I really enjoyed catching up with them lot so err swell.
Oh and sticking to a more recent note, Nathan you’re attempt on phone pranking this morning was quite frankly dreadful, it was so obviously you, made my morning just to hear the silence when I replied to your attempted disguised voice “hello Nathan”!

Grandma’s Birthday =/= Rob’s Leaving Do!
For reasons which became apparent recently Rob suddenly was leaving the Charnwood, his work for years now, and moving on to a new job, which of course meant a leaving do, which we we’re all invited to. Unfortunately this kinda was on exactly the same day we’d planned a little do for my Grandma’s birthday, which kinda just meant I was later thats all. Anyway, I have to say whilst I was excited for a rock ‘n’ roll night, with the knowledge that Kai, Caddy and Grandad Lee would be there, I was incredibly disappointed with the (cough) entertainment that followed. For starters, Kai wasn’t their, but the biggest disappointment was it wasn’t really a do, it was just a bunch of people squashed around a small bar talking about history whilst what was now Caddy, Grandad Lee and me, were just sat bord out of a tree. I think it all started to get pointless being there when Caddy left, seriously I was about 3 seconds from leaving, it was utterly boring. I’ve never really liked the Charnwood lot, apologise will not be sent if you’re reading this, I was expecting Rob’s leaving do, bit of a woah-hoo, whilst having a laugh with the lads in the corner. So yeah, safe to say I didn’t enjoy it. Although as we all agreed when Rob pointed her out (whoever she is), the randomer in blue was rather good looking, only rather though, although compared with her surroundings she was the most beautiful thing in the world.
The night, eventually ended and me and Grandad got dropped off in Cleck as we fancied some sh*tty chips, the chips you only enjoy when you’ve had a few pints, I was becoming quite a regular at the place, especially when I’d only been there the previous night ordering the same thing. Reflected on the night, then went home. So, yeah, Grandma’s low-key do = Not bad quite a laugh. Rob’s leaving do = Utter sh*t.
Just noticed I’m swearing quite alot, no I hope he enjoyed it but seriously inviting us, as in Kai, Grandad and Caddy oh and me, was rather pointless as we were left out throughout the night, and when a twat spat in my beer that just settled it.

Ought Else
Yeah actually. You know when your on a bus and you’re alone on a seat, meaning there is one seat left, which leads to people eventually if it gets busy having to sit next to you. Its always weird and awkward when someone sits next to you when there’s other places available isn’t it, and its always an old woman, ugly person or someone that absolutely reeks so bad you go noticeably pale. But hey, listen to this. Today, the bus had plenty of seats, even full rows behind me, but an absolutely beautiful lass got on the bus and sat next to me, I was like WAAATTT, it was also funny to see a chav who thought he was the best thing on the planet do the same thing. Yeah, how bout that, the magic of an Apple product. I almost wished I didn’t have to get off at the next stop, left with a smile from her and left the bus to College. Always awkward to leave a bus when a part of your bodies larger than normally when your entering College, say no more … you would though!

Anyway, on that incredible revelation, I’ll E-Ya Later, until next time!


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