Blog Friday 5th and 6th November 2010 – Holidays, College, Trips Out, Data and more!

I really need to start keeping up my blogs, been nearly a month ouch! Coming up in this blog, yes we are now a TV show, week holiday, which in itself I catch up with an another old friend, Mt Desolation and ooh so much more!

So, lets get to it. Before I start I must say what I’m changing in my blogs, my blogs like this one (may) have/has two sections, one for Life and one Other, life for life, Other for tech stuff and more, so yeah!


Well, week holidays, woo, a million miles of activity should be going off right. Well, kinda not really. To be honest I’ve been spending most of my months adding music videos to RKUK Media, but something did happen in the holidays which put a nice smile on my face, a nice catch up with an old friend, Diza. You might remember a few months back, we’re talking May/June time here, I caught up with James Hodgson, who I hadn’t seen for ages, and to be honest haven’t seen since due to that thing that everyone seems to do, the “see you soon mate/gimmie ya number I’ll call you” scenario … no you won’t basically. But anyway, Diza is his sister, who I did not fancy to bits when I knew her in school, cough triple cough lol. Now I didn’t really obviously get to know her as much as James as I was more James’ friend back in school, but enough to know she’s pretty awesome, my type of person, random and all-in-all awesome. So, we had a bit of a catch up on the Thursday before the holidays (holiday started early, mention later), then saw her in Dews the day after, although annoyingly it was in passing in a hurry. Unfortunately since then haven’t seen her in person, we’ll have to arrange because we seem to get on so well and I just love her man. So, yeah, Diza, lovely! I would be lying if I didn’t censor some of that.

As I kinda mentioned above, I finished for the week holiday a bit earlier, that was due to something that went on that apparently will go on another 2 times this year, review week, essentially the same as review day, but in a week, although still has the same concept just the fact that they randomly just cancel all lessons in a week, I know, its really bad. So yeah, kinda finished for the holidays, dinner time on Wednesday before, so week and half holidays it became. To be honest thats all I didn’t mention since the last blog, yeah nought really happened since my last blog College wise.

The most Pointless Trip ever
This week I came back to College from the well needed holidays, if I may say so myself. But one thing that did annoy me is interrupting my schedule, Wednesday and Fridays are my days off and they always interrupt them, but this time it was just ridiculous. I spent my day off traveling to Hudd on two buses, get lost and start running for an Award Ceremony! The very small excitement that may have started for me when you read that out really should stop right now as I went and ended up getting incredibly bored and picking up an empty sheet of paper as recognition for going and I actually will have to wait for a certificate for something in a way I’d no choice but to do, and which no one failed. So yeah, starting at 10AM, arriving home about 4:30PM for lets face it no reason, great. Although I did for the probably 3rd time this month see Richard Whittaker, who claimed when he was in bullsh** mode say he lived in the US and was a millionaire, YYEEAAHH! Love finding out people are bullsh**ers, AHH-HAA!

The most AAARGHH Trip ever
And we reach the present. Today I spent going to IKEA, which I actually had a bit of a laugh with to be honest, went with Grandad Lee and Caddy, and when I was over the fact they’d woke me up it was kinda fun to be honest. We went to Birstall Retail Park, and I there failed by test, if I could not have McDs in a week by having some, although getting there Caddy did the most incredible and fantastic fall ever, although when we got to McDs he was actually bleeding all over so we kinda felt a bit harsh for laughing our eyes out but hey, I think he’s lying to say he wouldn’t of done the same to me or Lee. Then, we pondered on to IKEA, where after looking around, having 4 IKEA Hot Dogs, why I don’t know, probably because they were the best piece of plastic I’ve ever had, left with 4 Stools. Now, these are for Grandad Lees awesome bar, but carrying them home through 2 buses is quite awkward to say the least, but fun never the less. Then got home just in time for the week end reward, some nice chippies!


iPhone 4 Data Test
When I purchased my iPhone 4 (SIM FREE) I decided to continue my Vodafone SIM I got my terrible HTC Desire, terrible when I discovered how bad Android is. Anyway, I had 500MB of data usage each month for my iPhone, and well, is that enough. Well, I can say after using my iPhone 4 36 days I’ve used up 240MB, so quick answer, yes. In that time I’ve uploaded a YouTube video (on 3G), updated FaceBook/Twitter regularly, e-mail and quite abit of internet use, and of course watched a view videos. So, in a nutshell, its enough.

Well, thats it, I’ll be back to more regular blogs now, even though I said that last time this time I really will be, trust me!


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