Apple iPhone 4 32GB – First Impression / Review

Apple iPhone 4 Review

The iPhone 4 has, lets face it, probably had the most unusual and varied beginnings of any, not only Apple but any, product of all time. Starting with massive “wow”, record breaking sales, then oh somethings not right with the antenna, then orrr, its just been too much!
Well, before I start this review, written one week after purchasing the iPhone 4, well 8 days actually, I was busy on Friday, anyway.
I purchased my iPhone 4 from an Apple Store. I wanted to make sure I could get one so I searched in Google to see if I could reserve it, found an link, went to it, and reserved it, went to the store and they were amazed on how I’d done it, anyway, got it home and now lets get to the review itself.
I got the iPhone 4 SIM Free, or microSIM Free, so I could pick my network, I picked Vodafone as they are quote on quote “voted the best network for iPhone 4”, we’ll see about that. So, got my microSIM, got my iPhone 4, lets unbox and get to the review.

First Impressions
When you first unbox the iPhone 4, the biggest shock I had was probably, well for one thing not having a wipe, ugghhh, although I did have a SIM Ejection Tool. No, the biggest shock is how thin it is, which does mean you have to get used to holding it, ironicly. The phone feels very strong and well built, something I think the 3G and 3GS design didn’t have, the iPhone 4 definitely doesn’t feel cheap. Despite actually been lighter than previous iPhones, it does seem to feel heavier, don’t know if its the materials or the more squarer shape.
Anyway, turning the phone on, getting my existing apps, music and what not on the iPhone 4 was the boring experience it always is when you get a new iOS device, but of course worth it in the end. I was happy to finally be able to change my home screen wallpaper seen as for some reason the 3G and 2nd gen Touch didn’t deserve that, although their are loads of websites with some brilliant wallpapers that match the home screen perfectly, I found one with the shelves on which looks great.
Then I got round to using the phone itself, I must say I am yet to FaceTime, but I’ll get in to everything else.
The iPhone 4 is fast, and I’m still getting used to multitasking but am very thankful for it and it is just fast at everything, which was a bit let down to the experience I was used to before I got rid of my iPhone 3G.
The … phone bit.
As a phone, I personally think the iPhone 4 does rather well, I always said that I would not get a case for the iPhone 4 involving the antenna unless it was an issue, and I can quite honestly say it is not an issue for me. Don’t get me wrong, if I sqeeze it like I’m trying to do something to make a man excited then yes the reception goes down MAXIMUM 3 bars, but never to “searching”. Having said that, in my entire history of using mobile phones I am yet to experience a dropped call, which kinda proves how bad US networks must be. Texting is of course great on the iPhone, the best on-screen keyboard on the planet with a great interface.
The iPhone 4 has a fantastic camera, whilst 5 megapixel doesn’t sound too special, its comparable to the 8 megapixel photos taken from the NOKIA N8, and when we get to video capture then its just overkill, which is helped by the iPhones LED flash. The iPhone 4’s video capture is fantastic, with dual microphones and fantastic quality at 30fps, the iPhone 4 is definitely a replacement device to your camcorder or digital camera*.
Unfortunately the iPhone 4 has launched with new data plans that remove the phrase unlimited, which is annoying, but how much data do you actually use a month. Well, I decided to investigate and after visiting multiple websites, regular Twitter & FaceBook updates, uploaded a video to YouTube (in SD), view Maps locations, I barely used 68.4MB, which if we x4 to that is only 273.6MB, which is nothing to data plans today, so based on data plans that have a minimum of 500MB in their usage, you will be more than fine with your data useage on your iPhone 4*.
Ought Else

My overall experience with the iPhone 4 has been I have to say no more than completely possitive, I’m glad I got the 32GB version, as the fantastic 720P video capture does result in using a lot of storage, as well as downloading more and more of the fantastic collections of apps in the App Store, but I’m yet to experience something wrong with the iPhone 4 even without a case.

-The camera is insane. Photos are great and videos in 720P HD are incredible.
-Feels like quality, the design is fantastic and the phone just looks great.
-The Apple A4 chip performs speedy even whilst multitasking.
-The built in Gyro allows games to be like never before seen on a phone, also improves Mapping and Compass accuracy.
-Whilst I had no issues with this, the antenna issue some have been plagued with has to be mentioned as a con.
The iPhone 4 is indeed the biggest leap since the original iPhone. Design, performance and even general features have all just gone up that extra level to keep up with the competition. With some fantastic deals available for the iPhone 4 I can’t think of many ways why you wouldn’t like an iPhone 4, unless you generally just don’t want one in which fair enough!
SIM Free: £499 (16GB), £599 (32GB)

Rating: – The best iPhone to date, the antenna issue is a massive over exsaduration, the phone performs great and highly recommend it.

*for casual/average users.

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