Blog Saturday 25th September 2010 – iPhone Revelation, Blackpool and more!

Since my last blog quite a lot has happened to be honest, most notably rather recently which is swell, nice to see stuff going on, so where to start. As usual I’m going to start in completely random order of when the event actually happened because thats the way I roll.

iPhone 4 Next Week!

Thanks to an increase in money for reasons outside this blogpost I will be getting an iPhone 4 FINALLY next week, next week because I’m waiting for a check to clear, ugh, but hey, good things come to those who wait, except that time when I was in the queue for an Android phone a few month back, BIG MISTAKE! Now, whilst all over RKUK Media I’ve been posting blogs about which networks are best to go for, results being; BEST 12 MONTH & Overall: Tesco / BEST 18 MONTH: O2 / BEST 24 MONTH: 3 (Others don’t come close) –; Having said that, I’ve come to the conclusion that Pay Monthly is worthless for me, for the obvious reason that I don’t use Calls and Texts that much, and based on my recent Vodafone Contract scenario process I’ve really become put off by the whole contract thing.
So, what now, well Sim Only was an option, but again I had the same problem, paying £10 (Unfortunately only with T-Mobile) / £15 / £20 / £25 for minutes and texts I won’t use. All I care about is data, which unfortunately again no one offers ‘unlimited’, apart from Orange who are fooling no one in the fact that its actually 750MB per month. Anyway, when it comes to Pay As You Go, which seems to be the route I’m taking data became a bit of a problem, with Orange and Vodafone only offering 250MB per month, err no. In Pay As You Go cases it looks like I’ll be returning to O2 with them offering 500MB of data, which if we’re all perfectly honest is enough, especially when I spend over 70% of the time in a Wi-Fi area, I know that as I’ve been using an iPod Touch recently.
So thats that, next Friday I will be (Friday’s my day off by the way) traveling to any O2 Store with stock of a 32GB iPhone 4 on the 1st October! Wanted a White one, but hey, what-ya-gonna-do! I’ll of course be bloggiting on that!!!
Full information on O2 deals, whilst most is in small print, use Safari 5 and its Reader, I do, anyway, info on

Blackpool Trip
This trip would of been a better trip had it occurred on a day of College and not a day off, but hey. Our £25 input to the trip resulted in a day of essential IT related things like Unlimited rides all day, buying ridiculously expensive food that tasted bad, having as much of a laugh as you can in Blackpool and all-in-all angering at British traffic when low-key accidents happen and how a massive overload occurs on the entire motorway making you even later than planned. So yeah, very IT related. I have to say though I actually liked the day to be honest and we had quite a laugh, the first hour or so for whatever reason dragged, we like went on 100 rides and only 40 minutes had past, but when time finally catched up it ended on a high note which can only be a good thing, well after the more or less pointless 30 minute presentation on the history of the place, which not to brag but everyone already knew. But yeah had quite a laugh, but to be honest, its more about the company in this sort of things. Highlights included us lot scaring one of those people trying to scare you, which was pretty funny. Others included laughing how bad a so called “scary” ride was, then going “oh sh**” when we went on one ride that we thought wasn’t ought special, then ooohhh deeeaarrr”, that was the big dipper by the way.

Drunken Duck is Surfacing!
Yes, the duck of the drunk is arriving below the residence of the one and only Grandad Lee. Basically on Tuesday as arriving home from College I witness the rise of the bar, well the surface and resting area, which became the bar, all it needs now is simple decoration oh and the obvious, the drinks, get that sorted and we’ve a new local, especially for Grandad Lee himself.

Ought Else
Not really to be honest. The big thing happening next Friday as well is the beginning of Music Month on RKUK Media, which is something to look out for!

Anyway, E-Ya Later


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