Blog Friday 17th September 2010 – End of Hols = Last Minute Trip + New Timetable

Well hasn’t this been a wait. In light of all the excitement going off during the holidays we’re finally back to a prompt due schedule, be it a new one, but the whole mo jo is still the same.

September So Far!
September has been a rather interesting month so far, quite some things have happened, I’ve ventured off on an unexpected trip, heard about having a second, and the usual banta of having a holiday of course.

Unexpected Venture, well holiday!
Well, whilst on multiple trips out with Rob and co I learned about their trip to holidaying out, well this one in particularly ended with me with a train ticket to go their! The holiday itself, be it in Bridlington, was actually something I wasn’t too sure about, wasn’t sure whether to bother or not, but hey paid for ticket now, so kinda have to. So, we’ll see how it goes.
Anyway, the Saturday arrived to set off and, obviously I did, set off on my own unexpected epic journey of traveling on 1 bus and 2 trains. Be it the first time I’d taken such a major trip, as in length and due time, rather nervous but made it, rather annoyed about my 40 minute wait in Hull, which I thought I’d occupy by walking in to Hull and looking at the iPhone 4 deals, but NO every phone shop was closed, whilst pretty much all shops were closed their still was a suspicious amount of people around, hmm!
When I arrived in natural train time, which is actually bang on time, eat that bus services … yeah told them. Any way, few minute wait and was greeted by Rob and Helen, why I named them in that sentence in some random fatal case that it wasn’t them and this was some sort of trick by an Egyptian man to kill me! … … Well! So, yeah, after that we went to the massive nearby, very convenient Tesco, then went round “Night Bridlington”, wooo! Got a pint at the local Weatherspoons, yes I know, they are everywhere! Got an Hot Dog, which was bluddy lovely, then after a tour round Night Brid, went to the area of residents.
I have to say I was rather impressed with the place they’d got for Brid, which was a house rather than a Caravan, less Beach house more Farm house, but had had some work on it so it was pretty good. One of the rather good additions to the place was indeed the highlight, a hot tub, jacuzzi thing! Two words that mean more or less the same thing, everytime I mentioned it I had to chose in my mind what I was going to call it that time, but hey, enjoyed using the Hot jacuzzi Tub.
Day Out, and then … Out, shoo!
The next day, after spending the night in a surprisingly large bed, we headed in to “Day Bridlington”, I must stress for foreigners that these are not two places. Anyway, got some doughnuts, the iPhone info I wanted to get in Hull on the way their, and then went on two rides, Twister and the one where you get very wet, unless your Rob and sit in the back.
Then, before you knew it, the day had past, had a pint finale headed back on what was to be the journey back.
Un-Arrival … leaving then … shuttup!
The way back was a lot more troublesome than going to be honest, as the reason I had to go back was the same reason alot more people had to go back, jobs and education. Despite been stood up on the longest of the two trains I had to take, then having to take a bus which takes longer in which diverts you on to another bus making the journey last 5 hours, it wasn’t that much of a troubling journey! … Yeah! From tea time to pitch darkness my journey took me. Come on guys turn on the epic music.
No, in all seriousness had a good time, which is very very swell!

College and ought Else!
The day after my journey back from my … journey, was to College, oh joysee joy. After finishing a week of the new timetable I have to say its pretty much the same as last year, so like last year I will not bore you with the info, longstory short, 2 rather than 1 day off on Wednesday and Friday, which is why I’m in a better mood today, so overall, very good.
As for anything else, well saw Grandad Lee and Kai a few days after, which was a pretty good night, especially as Grandad on Wednesday took my trip to see Rob as well in Brid.

But that leaves us at point nemo. Obviously as we’re no longer in the hols, more things’ll happen, meaning mroe regular blogage! ooo goody.

But for now, E-Ya Later


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