Apple September 1st 2010 Event – iTunes 10

Introducing iTunes 10, a whole new logo, but is it the whole new iTunes we’ve been wanting?

First Look

iTunes 10 has had a few UI tweaks, including the (on a Mac) the traffic light controls are now laid out sidewards to house a more cleaner top, it doesn’t even say iTunes within the app. The volume control looks even more metallic, tick boxes look more err… ticky, and all icons from LIBRARY, STORE, DEVICES etc are now in grey rather than colour, which actually looks pretty good, and the obvious, a new logo. And, based on multiple close and opens, and overall response of the program does feel a lot more snappier, so far so good.

New Features
So, why would you want to download iTunes 10 straight away over iTunes 9, well it turns out this time theirs actually a lot going for this version of iTunes. To be honest we were a bit sad that it wasn’t ‘iTunes X’ as it would of fitted Apple style, but hey.

Album List
One new feature you’ll notice as soon as you install it, that is providing you’ve music is the new 4th view option. Album List is basically the same as List View but if an album has more than 5 tracks it will display the Album Art rather than repeating the same Album name, nothing special but nice to have a new option, I’m still sticking to good ol’ Cover Flow.

It’s Quicker
Many say that iTunes on the Mac is different than iTunes on Windows based on performance, well let me just close that rumour right now as that is not true, unless you’re on Vista, which is why speed increases in the software is always welcome, and ever since I first opened iTunes 10 everything just seems to work that little bit more quicker, which is a pleasant surprise.

Pop-out Now Playing
This feature hasn’t been noticed by many. Basically whilst playing music in iTunes you can see the album art in the bottom left (if you can’t click the arrow pointing up in the square on the right of the 4 bottom left options), when ‘Selected Item’ is set on Album Art you can click it (whilst playing music) and you’ll get the album art, as normal, but you can resize that window and use it to change track, drag through music etc. This is very useful if you’re doing something that occupies the iTunes display, or if you’re doing something else on iTunes like syncing or telling people about that new album on PING, more on that in a minute.

Re-designed iOS Controls
As soon as you put your iPhone, iPod, iPad in to iTunes 10 you’ll instantly notice the (not drastically) tweaked interface. Everything still does what it did before and more or less in the same way, but more clearer. You get a very simple bar at the top that you can click through and change settings for that subject, for example on an iPod Touch, the bar shows ‘Summary’, ‘Apps’, ‘Music’, ‘Movies’, ‘TV Shows’, ‘Podcasts’, ‘Books’, ‘Photos’ and ‘Info’. One also really useful add-on is if you click Music for example it tells you how much songs you have on your iPod, same with everything else. Also, you can play music from your plugged in iOS device (when logged in) with automatic sync music selected.

I know Microsoft have Bing and Apple has Ping, whats all that about, but anyway, what is PING? PING is Apple’s very own social network built in to iTunes, here it is shown on the iPhone and iPod Touch iTunes app.
It essentially is a feed you can follow from your favourite bands and artists and get quick updates. You can also add friends and share albums, songs and purchases with your own written “ping”, you could say, about it. You also get your own profile as do the official artists/bands. Not many bands/artists are on yet but Apple is sure more will arrive soon. One pretty good feature is you get your own personal iTunes Top 10 of musicdownloaded based on music you’ve purchased.
Having said this I am still not convinced with PING … yet, I am in no way saying it has no future, but with the right tweaks here and there it could be pretty awesome, especially when within literally a click of a button billions of users worldwide can start out with PING.
I’m gonna keep using it to see what I truly think, as it is now its not that impressive, but overtime I think it could be a great additional feature to the best music downloading service.

You can download iTunes 10 for yourself by launching Apple*Software Update on your Mac or Windows* PC, or go to Apple iTunes page by clicking here!


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