Apple September 1st 2010 Event – iPod Shuffle, Nano, Touch and Apple TV

When it comes to iPod updates, they don’t get much better than this! Aside from the Shuffle, which I’ve always thought was a waste of space, I think we’ve some great updates here!

iPod Classic

Before I start with the new models, some people were a bit worried that Apple never mentioned (not even once) the iPod Classic, which is actually the ONLY iPod with the good old ClickWheel, I feel like we’re seeing the end of an era (sob). But, just to let you know the same Silver and Black 120GB iPod Classic will remain on Apple’s line for another year unchanged.

iOS 4.1 and 4.2 info.
Before we get in to the next and possibly best thing to come out of the event, we really need to mention the upcoming (as in next week) iOS 4.1.
iOS 4.1 is a very important for iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 owners as it fixes bugs, performance for the 3G and proximity and Bluetooth problems with the iPhone 4.
But, iOS 4.1 as well as Bug fixes and some amazing new APIs, the big thing to come out of iOS 4.1 is Game Center. Game Center is amazing, think XBox Live meets iOS, wirelessly play multi-player games through buddy lists etc. A preview of its potential was shown at the Keynote, which you can watch through the link at the bottom of this blog, by a fantastic game debut by Epic Games. Game Center will also be coming to the iPad as part of iOS 4.2 in November, which will also be for iPhones (3G or later) and iPod Touch (2,3,4).

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch has never felt so pampered with new features! We’ll be honest with you, we didn’t see this coming at such a high scale, lets go through this now, these all may sound familiar, but its an iPod!

Retina Display
Yes, the iPod Touch, dispite been even thinner still can package a 326ppi display with an insane 3 1/2 res of 960×640. The display is also LED backlit with IPS technology.

A Whole New “””Camera System”””
Yes, the iPod Touch finally has a Camera, but being Apple that wasn’t good enough, so err… how about two!!! A front facing VGA 640×480 camera for FaceTime, and a 920×720 video recording or camera stills.

The iPod Touch can connect with iPhone 4s and fellow iPod Touch 4th Gens and join the FaceTime family thanks to a front-facing VGA Camera. Whilst the iPhone 4 connects (whilst through Wi-Fi) through a Phone number then through a VOIP connection, on the iPod Touch it works through your Apple ID, or your iTunes User and Pass in English.

HD 720P Video Recording
Oh yes, like the iPhone 4 again, the iPod Touch also has a rear camera that can shoot 720P High Def Videos at 920×720, which is the same resolution the camera also can take stills.

Whilst the iMovie app has been exclusive to iPhone 4 users, now iPod Touch 4th Gen can get a bit of the action.

The iPod Touch also has the fantastic 6-axis Gyro giving you even more reasons to call it the #1 Gaming device.

These are just a few of the amazing new features of the iPod Touch, not including Game Center and all other amazing things that make iOS 4.1. In fact the only thing that separates the iPod Touch from the iPhone 4 is, well, the phone, flash on the camera and 2 rather than 1 microphones!
Watch the advert for the iPod Touch below;

iPod Nano

Now, this is completely unexpected, check out the all new iPod Nano! The device features a QVGA 2.2″ multi-touchdisplay … and thats it. The UI is very iOS like but keeps everything that makes it an iPod such as NIKE Plus etc. The iPod Nano even has a clip like the Shuffle does. Watch the ad below to get a better feel of the device!

iPod Shuffle

We were never impressed with the iPod Shuffle, and kinda still aren’t. The buttons are back and all, Genius playlists, multiple playlists are all good, but put this next to the Nano and it just looks like a waste of money! Speaking of which check out prices at the bottom.

Apple TV

In the US, the Apple TV is priced at $99, which makes £99 feel quite insulting, and thats not all! More or less all the high points of getting an Apple TV are not available (some yet) in the UK, so without a Hard Drive, its worthless. Although we’ll admit the Airplay feature which allows you to control the Apple TV from any iOS device is pretty cool, but aside from that, its still a waste of money unfortunately. Come on Apple through BBC iPlayer in, 4OD etc and you’re sorted for the UK, I mean they’re free services!

iPod Classic: £193 (Silver or White)
iPod Touch: £189 (8GB), £249 (32GB), £329 (64GB)
iPod Nano: £129 (8GB), £159 (16GB)
iPod Shuffle: £39 (2GB)

Apple TV: £99

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