Blog Friday 27th August 2010

Well since my last blog, crazy woman in takeaway place, home randomness, cancelled barbecue and all in all stuff.

Before I start I should probably mention that it is the holidays which basically mean I don’t know what day anything happened on, but … … they did basically!

Weird Random Woman
The only problem with this story is writing and conversation can’t possibly give it justice, but we’ll try. Basically the end of the night basically as it always gets you have a few to drink then suddenly you quickly have an appetite for absolute garbage .. with salt on. And this night was no exception, seen as at this stage of the night there was only me and Rob, we decided to bring in some company, in came the saviour, the man who embraces the Clubcard point and can rescue glasses from the highest of buildings, Grandad Lee. Well as nights go we embraced the british pint then as the Weatherspoons closed we went to the closest food establishment. Whilst we all waited for the food to arrive we took a seat and got on waiting. Then came about 5 people all that had come from the recently closed Weatherspoons including in which was this woman, which we thought nothing of. But as the minutes drew by and Grandad got his cheesy chips the crazy one took a shine to the saviour that is Grandad Lee, but we all quickly found out that their was quite an in-depth history between these two individuals, I know, utter shocker!!! Long story short, they were married and Grandad Lee of all his previous accomplishments, left his only child with this woman, I know, double shocker! And … oh yes there’s more, when the woman tried to make amense with Lee, he turned her down, I know, triple shocker! BUT THERE’S EVEN MORRREE! Once Lee had finished his Cheesy Chips in an incredibly quick way and left he ran away from the Woman as she ran after him up a public street in Cleckheaton, I know, quadruple shocker! … … phew. Right, now I know this is a lot to take in so we’re gonna give you a minute to take all that in. (minute). < told you.
So, yeah, interesting night.

The Drunken Duck!
Sticking to Grandad Lee, we move on to the cellar of excellence. Grandad’s cellar is rather quickly going to be turned in to a masterful bar, which has been geniously named by Kai as ‘The Drunken Duck’. So far, there’s … one drink. But we’re getting there, bar, more drinks and more its all coming together. Although it may take a bit longer whilst he goes on a two week holiday. But yeah look out for The Drunken Duck.

Objective Obsessions
As you may or may not know, I’m a very very big fan of certain objective obsessions, in which are microwaved fish fingers, which in a recent experiment on an 800watt microwave, 7 Birds Eye fish fingers are actually incredibly tasty 1:50 (first time) then turn around for 1:40, then yumm, but stick to Birds Eye, other brands have gone very wrong.
Anyway, there’s also the scones, in question either TESCO or ASDA’s brand of All Butter Scones, don’t even bother with other Supermarkets, especially the one with the M.
Oooh, and not to forget SMITHs amazing Bacon Fries.
But recently I’ve had a new obsession … NO NOT THAT, we already knew about that, no I’m talking about CARLING Premiere. That Premiere is very important. CARLING by itself is a very average Lager, but put Premiere at the end of it you not only gain 1% of alcoholic goodness, but smooth and to be honest the only lager that is 97.3% beer like. So check it out ….. if you can find anywhere that sells it.

Weeks Alone
Now Weeks Alone normally come to pass when members of family go on holiday, had mine a few weeks back and rocked out to Damon Albarn’s amazing music expertise, including music from his creations including Blur, Gorillaz and The Good The Bad and the Queen. But this time it was Rob’s turn and today marks the last day, which based on the fact I’m writing a blog today, nothing happened today. But, well to be honest throughout the week has been getting drunk, watching … TV, and well a very manly week, but with the twist of randomness that we bring to every situation, so yeah not bad week to be honest. Although we had to cancel a big barbecue that we had that was a bit of let down, oh well.

Ohh, Laughing Gas does effect me!
Had a dentist appointment this week and a filling which was for the first time with the Gas of the laughing. Now, I had a previous test to see how I was, and I was fine, to be honest didn’t realise (part from the smell and noise of the machine), but this time I was alive dead, if that makes sense, I couldn’t move and was seeing sunshine in my temporary double-chin, and to add to that don’t remember a thing about the filling, well, obviously you’re reminded when you look in a mirror and notice (once I found one that didn’t shatter upon my appearance) that your face is lopsided, but yeah, and all through the day really I was just … happy, for some reason, nought happened, all I remember is a random invitation to go places which resulted in Shortbread biscuits in a cupboard, so err.. result!

You always end on a low don’t you, well skip the paragraph!
Yeah, just when I thought Copyright was out of the way, RKUK Media got a music request from a few labels, long story short, I’m having to revamp music on RKUK Media so bare with us, it takes a while to re-upload 2,040 (and growing every week) music videos. We’re getting there, in time. On a low note, MP3ME, the service that allowed certain artists to be listened to through RKUK Media has been forced to completely close, more information in thePRESS section of RKUK Media.

(Sidenote) – We must for the stupidest of individuals that this was purely a drunken joke and Grandad Lee has not run away from his marriage with one child.
Grandad Lee = Lee Tonks, not really a Granddad.

But to be honest, thats the load for a while, till next time, E-Ya Later.


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