Blog Tuesday 3rd August 2010

Well its been quite a busy few weeks to be honest these holidays have been kinda dragging so far, but the odd things have been happening now and then which can only be err.. swell!

Errors and
RKUK Media finally got its only URL last week with RKUK Media becoming which lets face it is rather easy to remember.
Unfortunately on Saturday I discovered that their was some issues with the embed folder widget which is used to display Selection DVDs on RKUK Media, basically the videos play squashes in the middle whilst it says ‘Buffering’ over the video when fully buffered and you can’t forward and back inside the video, obviously this is ruddy annoying, so I’ve decided to take Selection DVDs to the next level with ‘Artist Profile’.
What is Artist Profile?
For one it’s gonna take a while, but Artist Profile is essentially the easiest way to view music videos ever on RKUK Media, basically search, find end enjoy. But you can now comment, rate, and embed EACH track on your own site or share on FaceBook or Twitter, not bad eh! Its not going to be easy to add all 87 released Selection DVDs (as of blog date) but 7 have been added so far and it seems to be going well. So, its gonna take a while but look out for it.

The Big Production Week
Or, where do I start, if you’ve been viewing RKUK Media recently and following us through FaceBook etc you’ll know that we recently closed all involvement in the ‘Dr Who’ (© BBC Ltd 2010) Production, you can read the full press report here, which I have to say aside from the Copyright issues was actually quite an enjoyable experience, they were a few actors that weren’t that good but hey it was amateur. I was going to talk about it in this blog but in all fairness I explained it in the Press statement so read that if you’re interested. Long story short, I had fun but in all fairness NOTHING was ready, the quick replacement actors were obvious replacements, nothing went together, the camera … well thats another story and, well, ya get the picture.

To the Present
Well this week I’ve got the house to myself again, which has become a ritual since it went so well last year, although with having to put loads of Selection DVDs on Artist Profile ASAP it hardly feels like an holiday, but its not just that. For reasons beyond understanding the holidays just seem to be dragging and god damn it I want to sell that freaking phone (HTC Desire) so I can end my contract with Vodafone. Selling an HTC Desire for £400 Unlocked with double storage is a deal, but now I’ve reached £300 which is just an insane price. Anyway, when the world comes to its senses and buys the Desire, I’m waiting till September. As Apple said in September they are to look over the iPhone 4 again for an extra fix, even though most if not everyone says its over-exaggerated, then of course join the field of iOS. Then iPad for Christmas time, or Birthday haven’t decided yet.

Mining Museum
Today I was awoken at hours I don’t, AM basically, to go to the Mining Museum, again a place I’m not that keen on, but hey it meant doing something so I’m up for it, so me, Rob and James went to the Mining Museum, wasn’t that bad of a day to be honest, well aside of the fact that their was literally no food places ANYWHERE, but I survived for the time being on 2 Milkyways, two basically because by purchasing one, led to James purchasing a Mars which knocked a Milkyway meaning 1 free, which is pretty awesome. I was doing my Murdoc Niccles voice all day, which was rather interesting, but not as interesting at having major problems setting up my battery before going down the mine, nothing seemed to work, ugh, right after my hat f**ked up as well! Anyway, after discovering that the day had actually gone to plan, yes we are talking about a trip with Rob here, we decided to go “Just round the corner”, which is Rob for a mile to Go Outdoors, why, who knows, we err.. just went! But hey, one thing that did annoy me was we never had that pint which is always used to get me out of the house, apart from that not a bad day I suppose.

Well thats all for now

E-Ya Later


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