Blog Friday 27th August 2010

Well since my last blog, crazy woman in takeaway place, home randomness, cancelled barbecue and all in all stuff. Before I start I should probably mention that it is the holidays which basically mean I don’t know what day anything happened on, but … … they did basically! Weird Random Woman The only problem withContinue reading “Blog Friday 27th August 2010”

RKUK Media faces Music Copyright Changes

RKUK Media is a media company that are continuing to aim higher in the media concept of the companies name. To do this RKUK has and intends to make more partnerships with other networks in the field to produce entertainment for the RKUK Media website. RKUK Media have an incredible collection of musical services online,Continue reading “RKUK Media faces Music Copyright Changes”

The Ultimate iPhone 4 Contract (UK Only)

When it comes to the iPhone, many people think its expensive to get one, but to be honest all you need to do is to look around more, it turns out a UK Supermarket has probably the ultimate iPhone contract, check this out for value, oh and that’s not to mention you get Clubcard pointsContinue reading “The Ultimate iPhone 4 Contract (UK Only)”

Blog Tuesday 3rd August 2010

Well its been quite a busy few weeks to be honest these holidays have been kinda dragging so far, but the odd things have been happening now and then which can only be err.. swell! Errors and RKUK Media finally got its only URL last week with RKUK Media becoming which lets faceContinue reading “Blog Tuesday 3rd August 2010”

RKUK Media becomes

RKUK Media are happy to announce that, as you have probably noticed, RKUK Media has become which in our opinion is quite a bloody good thing. One added feature to this is if you use the old URL which was it will still redirect to the new URL, so do what you likeContinue reading “RKUK Media becomes”