RKUK Entertainment is closing!

RKUK Entertainment, the section of RKUK Media that has been creating amateur videos for the last 5 years is to close this Friday. The decision comes as RKUK Media CEO Ben Hanson said in January “If we don’t make any videos or are in the making of something exciting in the next 6 months, we’ll probably have to stop Videos on RKUK …”.

RKUK Media, which today revamped to rkukmedia.co.uk with some new appearance changes, will still host the videos on the ‘Videos’ section of the site and will keep the easy access sub-tab ‘All RKUK Videos’ showing all 56 of the videos created for RKUK Entertainment over the course of the 5 years.

In a statement, Ben Hanson said “Creating videos for the RKUK Media website and our YouTube channel has indeed been a lot of fun. We always had dreams of it becoming a new profession for us but in retrospect it was never going to happen. Speaking of videos on RKUK Media, we will still be keeping a new project we’re bringing called The RKUK Show all been well, so look out for that probably nearer the end of the year.”

The RKUK Show has been rumoured for a while and is planned to be a monthly show where anything could happen, from news, comedy, tech reviews to literally anything. You can keep updated on the RKUK Show by visiting its currently empty YouTube page by clicking here!

Whats the difference between The Show and RKUK Entertainment?
We put that question to the crew … all one of them, and from what we can gather RKUK Entertainment was an ‘open’ project which allowed anyone to get involved, where as ‘The RKUK Show’ or The Show as it’ll be known is ‘closed’ and only fixed people will feature in it.

RKUK Media also enjoyed a bit of a change today, most notably the URL change to a much easier to remember URL. Keeping the media name in the URL for the first time, RKUK Media intend to make RKUK Media a more media driven website and the site is getting more and more recognition as a great source to the latest and greatest in music after its deal with *most* of the major labels.

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RKUK Media ia a corporation based in West Yorkshire, UK. The web-based company now contains hundreds of technology and entertainment posts for anyone to enjoy at a non profit level.

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