Apple Surprise Event July 16th 2010 – iPhone 4 Antenna

Apple surprised us all on Wednesday when they announced they would be holding a special event focusing on the iPhone 4, which whilst selling way over 3 million has had some, problems, lets say problems. The new iPhone 4 has been reported to have major antenna issues so automatically this event has been more or less apparent to be less of a summarisation (but knowing Apple, they’ll fit it in somewhere) and more or a “day for a fix”.

The Event
After playing some jazz to get the audience in a better mood, less probably can be said for Apple themselves probably, when Steve Jobs emerged and throughout the conference he sounded very tired and for obvious reasons not really pleased to be there. Apple more or less give away the events subject in mind by playing this YouTube video;
(for users not viewing on RKUK Media, use this YouTube URL.
Anyway, back to what was called upon.
As expected Apple did the old summary beginning, then to the matter at hand. Apple started by outing that they are “not perfect” and neither are smartphones, Microsoft Exec today branded the iPhone 4 as “Apple’s Vista”, only Microsoft could do something like that. Jobs then began to show three other phones a BlackBerry (Bold 9700), HTC (Droid Eris [US Only Phone {Verizon}]) and then a Samsung (Omnia II), the devices run in order of mention, RIMs standard OS, Android and Windows Mobile (seen as its not version 7 we’ll use the old name). And in defence to Apple they were right, other phones do have the issues that the iPhone 4 has, Apple showed videos of them devices having the same effect that the iPhone 4 has had when people do the “death grip”, but to be fair to lefties it is hard to hold it in your case much different, which is similar to the case with the Blackberry.

The Data
This was probably the only part of the Keynote that tells you everything in a go. Apple unleashed some information about the iPhone 4, mentioning that multiple sites said its #1, but some very interesting statistics. Apple said that only a mere 0.55% of iPhone 4 users had actually reported any source of reception issues with the iPhone 4, interesting eh! And, that less than a 3rd of amount of users have returned their iPhone 4 compared to 3GS’ the same time after release. The only stat Apple weren’t as happy about what that the iPhone 4 drops a small amount more calls than the 3GS, which they say they really are aiming to fix, <1 in every 100 calls dropped on an iPhone 4 (Source: AT&T).
However I have to side with Steve Jobs here, if these stats are indeed of the reality then the iPHone 4 really doesn’t look like its as bad as it is, especially when RIM (Blackberry), HTC and Samsung have phones with the same issues out their and no one even mentioned it. Thats Apples big woo and boo of the company, being so popular means when something goes wrong everyone knows about it the same minute. But yeah, proved a lot that! In fact Apple now have even made an entire webpage broadcasting it

White iPhone 4
Apple, being Apple, used the time to also unleash the release date, if you can call it that, of the White iPhone 4, which will be as accurate as it gets “end of July”. Expect Pre-orders more than likely soon.

Actions, as Apple called them, are rather simple and for the just under an hour we’d to wait for them actually are rather small.
1. Free ‘Bumpers’ / Cases
I know what you’re thinking, why the “/ Cases”, well because seen as Apple can’t make over 3 million Bumpers in a minute, they’re offering ANY iPhone case to ANYONE who has purchased an iPhone 4 from next week. “But hey, I purchased a Bumper!”, don’t worry, Apple will refund anyone (only at Apple Stores) who purchased a Bumper. As for other cases I’m not quite sure what Apple are doing their, whether they’re paying the manufacturers that make the cases or what, but we’ll see.
2. iPhone OS Updates (A further one Coming)
Apple last night released iOS4 version 4.0.1, which fixes some tiny bugs around the OS most notably the bug with Exchange accounts and a fix for the Reception Reading, I’ve bolded that because its only a fix for the reading of the reception. Apple also announced a further update is coming soon that is aimed to fix the Proximity Sensor issues.
3. iPhone 4 Refunds (30 days) (22 today)
The iPhone 4 has not been out 30 days yet, which Apple were clear to mention, and they’re offering a 30 day full refund, even for users within a contract, suppose we’ll have to see about that though.

So, the event wasn’t the big ol’ re-call as everyone seemed to be expecting, but showed that Apple does listen to those e-mails that get the really large responses. By offering free cases was the minimum Apple could have done without announcing an initial fix, which was more or less proven.
It was quite an emotional keynote to be honest, Steve Jobs had a real sense of sadness about the whole affair, but to be fair Apple have changed the mobile industry and this is lets face it their first mistake, not many can say that after over 3 years in the biz.

Watch the Keynote Itself
Apple’s Antenna Site
YouTube Video – The iPhone Antenna Song

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