Blog Monday 12th July 2010

Well whilst nothings really happened today, quite a few things have happened recently which I might as well mention, seen as this is a blog! Anyway.

Barbecue from a Bucket!
As you know its currently the holidays, so my mind really can’t remember any dates of anything, which was the original reason for having a blog, but hey, whatcha gonna do! So err… some time in the past week, after playing the entire Gorillaz Glastonbury set, which let me just say I didn’t mind to be honest. Anyway, back to the .. thing. James knocked on the door and invited me to the entire trip of a few yards to Rob’s for a barbecue, on the way finding out Rob had rung me, missed calls give it away. As usual for Rob’s barbecues I never have anything on the menu, basically because its well, not safe, lets face it. And he calls himself a chef. Joking aside, I mean only 4 people got food poisoning, LOL. Anyway. During the night more people joined the excitement, first was the missis, Rob’s that is, Helen arrived with er… someone (proof of how good I am at remembering names). Weird. I normally remember womens names, but hey! She was gone quickly anyway, whilst Helen stayed the night, yeah just like that song from Ghosts except in no way what so ever. Anyway, whilst enjoying the company of the current company, more company arrived! Ben arrived, not me obviously, with his sister? and someone else. Just like the random person that arrived when Helen did, they soon left. (OK, next time I’m bringing a notepad and paper) And that was the crowd. Throughout the night we randomly enjoyed Rob’s tent which was out for a reason of the fact that he was going on a trip that required a tent.

Tom’s Birthday … thing.
(Now this I can remember as it was well only two days ago) Now, Saturdays are rarely entertaining if I’m been honest, in fact the entire weekend seems to be for some reason the dullest part of the week, so it was refreshing to get some fun on in the weekend. I was invited, by Caddy, to Tom’s birthday do. Tom, Tom, you remember Tom, from that … yeah that guy, yeah, yes, him with the … yeah him! So now we’ve that sorted out. I met with Caddy at Grandads (Lee), yeah been a while. After almost been murdered by his dog and exhausted by the hill in which he lives atop, we went to the meeting spot, Weatherspoons, which was naturally busy as the World Cup match was on. Don’t know why they do 3rd and 4th place if you ask me, what do you win? Anyway, after almost finishing our first pint we were kinda wondering where everyone was, but they were all eating, so we then went to the place in which they were eating at … obviously. Tom, his girlfriend Sophie and Matty were there, equalling the crew for the night. We headed to our local (if you call a mile away a local), The Punch Boal. One advantage of the World Cup is the price of alcohol, yeyy reduction. Lee was rather more interested in the Football as he had £250 on Germany winning 4 – 2, which never happened. As the night went by multiple random banter went on, including everyone getting licked by a random drunk guy, which was lets face it, not enjoyable. Also throughout the night, by 3 random young girls who were sneaking out for a reasons unknown said amongst many things that I looked like Harry Potter, which whilst seemed to be aimed as an insult, to say that Daniel Radcliff was named sexiest male in film in 2007, I’m pretty honoured. So as the night ended, a friend of Toms got extremely drunk and basically ended up half naked showing himself off to passing cars, and even them random 3 girls enjoyed the display, to add to that spraying cream out of a window on to him. You can’t write this stuff. We all then got a lift home by one of Toms mates, except Caddy who got a taxi, and Lee who … wasn’t there. Kinda felt a bit sorry for Lee as we sped past him, but hey what can you do. In all fairness their was no room left. Although in a way I kinda wanted some really bad chips that you enjoy when drunk so a side of me didn’t want a lift, but oh well!
All in all not a bad night.

I’m very happy to announce we’ve launched a shop, and its bluddy awesome and can only get better. I’m working on more designs for RKUK’s logo, and after some negotiating we can get those all-wanted Damn Crows t-shirts on their. Here’s the link to the shop.

Ought else
I’ve been watching Season 5 of Two and a Half Men and it rocks, finished watching it yesterday, bluddy hilarious especially the CSI piss-take episode, you can watch that ep on MegaVideo here if you want, worth it!

I also got D-Sides by Gorillaz, bluddy love it, I love the way Gorillaz instead of putting b-sides on singles they release albums, for their first album ‘Gorillaz’, they released ‘G-Sides’, and for ‘Demon Days’ they released ‘D-Sides’, I’m looking forward to ‘P-Sides’ when that arrives as their latest album is ‘Plastic Beach’. I’m loving the song ’68 State’, that guitar rift is just awesome!

Also T-Mobile finally released pricing for the iPhone 4, been the last network to announce deals for the phone. And, whilst the wait was incredibly exciting … it turns out T-Mobile has taken over Orange as being the most expensive network you could go on, whilst Tesco Mobile is cheapest, O2 has the cheapest 18 month contract and 3 has the cheapest 24 month contract.

Well thats all for y’all today

E-Ya Later


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