Blog Monday 28th June 2010

Good day y’all, well it would be if it hadn’t been boiling yesterday … and today, and the fact that I had to go out today in the warm because I was betrayed by the Government, but hey.
Since my last blog, which admittedly wasn’t that long ago, but I made a promise (roll the music) I promised to fulfil lifelong destinies, to kill all Nigerians after they hacked my eBay and, and only and, (I don’t know, roll with it) will we then enter the world of epicness. Alright you can stop the music now.
Now the music’s off we can put the mood back to where it should be, the land of utter disappointment. Yes, England are out of the World Cup, but lets be honest, how were we not out earlier is beyond me. Finishing Germany 4 and England … 1.

In other news, the new series of Top Gear debuted this week, and oh I’ve missed it, but disappointing that there’s only 5 more episodes to go when its only just started, but hey. That, plus the new IT Crowd series is really making TV good again, all we need now is a new series of Russel Howard and Ooooooooo…. Two and a Half Mens on! I will resume this later, oh right.

iPhone 4
The iPhone 4 hasn’t been out a week, but I have to post this, Apple announced that in just 3 DAYS, they’ve sold a massive 1.78 Millionth iPhone 4s, this is not only an Apple record, but an actual mobile phone record! NICE!
Now as you know TESCO Mobile have an awesome deal for the new iPhone 4 which is surprisingly in my budget, so in August we plan to go iPhone 4, oh yes. Of course about 4 other things need to be sorted out first, but hey!

Birthday Bash
Well, it was yet another time for a Birthday bash, this time for a 19th.
Picture the scene though, its Saturday, you’ve just watched the final episode of Dr Who on BBC HD, its around about 7:45 when you’ve been asked to be at the Birthday for 8, outside you see a taxi and well guess who went in, Rob. Yeah, quite a shock there. When it was around 8:30 I though I’ve got to check, and it turned out we were going, just well, Rob planning basically.
Anyway, after having to order MY OWN taxi to take me and Ben, once picked up, to a place we were told to and then found out was wrong so we had a walk ahead of us, but when we eventually arrived it must of been bout twenty-two 9, but hey.
So, when we arrived at the meeting spot their was Heather (the star of the er… show?) as well as the usual clan, except minus 2, so not, but argh it makes it easier to explain. Anyway, their was also a few extras their as well, 2 lads and a dark lass, (thats not racist, its observant) which I can’t see getting on with, and … we didn’t, so there! Heather, who looked great by the way, Danielle, Beth, 2 random lads, and the … other one, all didn’t notice me, let me tell you why! Basically, after a few minutes, Rob decided it was time to go for a smoke, Ben came and I did so I could hear myself think, and then Rob got a call from Heather asking if we’d left. Actually we got multiple calls from her, having said that many couldn’t make it due to money and time issues, but this was taking the piss. Anyway, after Rob wasn’t sure if they’d heard us, I was sent in to inform them that we were still here, but as I walked in they literally walked straight passed me, and I mean straight past me, I have never felt so much like a ghost in my life!
Moving on, eventually they found us amazingly, and after a few photos taken we went to the next and to be last destination. As we got their, conveniently we got given cheaper entry cards, so that was nice, although the prices were bluddy ridiculous especially when they don’t tell you when the cheaper prices stop.
Anyway, despite what on paper is great company, we all felt very unwelcome, seriously they always seem to be avoiding us, yet when we went we got a phone call wondering where we were. In fact I remember me and Ben outside and even one of them was left out, won’t mention names. I was very surprised actually as I’ve really enjoyed their company before, and I still do, its just we all felt very “out of the crowd”. We eventually decided to leave early as to be honest they actually seemed to be having a good time without us.
Ironicly as I’m writing this, being Monday 28th June, it is today Heather’s Birthday, so happy birthday.

And then…
When we decided to abort ourselves from Heather’s birthday, we discovered thanks to the ridiculous prices that we had no money so Rob had a plan! But wait! This plan worked. Basically a Casino allows you to, when you join get a free £10 bet and a drink worth up to £3, pay the access if you go over. So, me and Ben signed up and I bet Odd and he bet Even, guaranteed £10 there, in fact if their is 3 of ya, you could risk for £20. Not a bad end of the night to be honest, not that it was terrible before but if I’m been honest I probably would have said I completely hated the birthday if it wasn’t, well, y know.

So, what happened today!
Well, as you know I was very annoyed that I didn’t get EMA for going to a funeral which I thinks … well I expressed my full stress before, but got it sorted now so … … … … … relax. Despite taking an hour got it sorted. Apart from that I’m not gonna lie nothings happened today.

Ought Else
Ben, not me obviously, by the way anytime I say Ben in my blogs I’m talking about Ben Hunter, not me. Ben apparently is going to be doing a re-do for the rehearsals of Dr Who tomorrow, so we’ll see if it works, hopefully Robs going because I’m alien through Huddersfield.
Additional note is I have incredibly censored my blog about the birthday, do I? yes I do and thats why. Do with that what you will. Anyway, next time we will go all fimey on you … hopefully, that is if it doesn’t all go FAIL again!

Well thats all (or is it if you know more) for now

E-Ya Later


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