Blog Friday 25th June 2010 – I've gotta stop doing this!

So, whats happened in a month, well turns out quite a bloody lot and I have decided in my laziness to make it painful to write a long blog, ugh.
Oh well, we must move on. Tell you what I’ll section it out, make it a lot more easier that I think.

Well College was stressing two weeks ago as my College tutor decided, ya know what we’re gonna finish this Friday, this is 30 minutes left on that Friday! Gee, thanks. So, me and many others got passes where they could have got merits, and merits where possible distinctions could of lied, ooo how I love pakis. “Hey, Ben thats racist”, yeah funny how its racist our way but not theirs, that is true racism. But hey, nothing else to say about College now, I’ve finished for the extremely long holiday ahead early and did eventually succeeded in finishing my course in time … just.
Took an attempt of the Maths test this week as well, hopefully passed, oh! and thats another thing. How come, for one I’m the only white in the class, and two that everyone has had 3 attempts and I’m on my first, seriously we live in a broken Britain. Anyway, enough about College, things like this just stress me out, especially not getting EMA because of a Funeral, I mean thats just sick, the government should be ashamed.

HTC Desire and the Whole eBay Thing!
Now, as you know I can’t stand the HTC Desire that I was forced to buy from the Carphone Warehouse, seriously never go there, they’d bought it before I even said I wanted it. It and Android are just terrible, even Google’s Eric Shmit, which I guarantee I’ve spelt wrong there, said Android isn’t good yet.
Anyway, being trying to sell it on eBay, Brand New even has VOID stickers on the box, but with an 8GB microSD rather than the 4GB standard. Got hacked 12 times IN A ROW!!! on eBay, all purchases asking to ship to Nigeria, then suddenly an e-mail from eBay “Suspicious Bidder Alert”. All I’m gonna say is if anyones actually fallen for these they are completely stupid as its obvious, soooooo obvious. I’m new to PayPal but I saw through that, especially when on the iPhone OS if you tap the so-called e-mail address it will show you the address their using to essentially hack you, plus there’s a space or symbol in the address, which you can’t have in an e-mail address making it OBVIOUS!
Anyway gonna try selling it through my mates 100% Possitive Feedback eBay Account, and block users that don’t have positive feedback, that way if we’ve a bidder, it will be a genuine purchase! Getting bloody fed-up of this!

iPhone 4

I know I wrote an entire blog about it, but yes the iPhone 4 is out and it is indeed awesome and yes I will be getting one, eventually, and for a lot less than you’d expect, more on that in my next blog after this, see what I did their, tapping you to view more hehe! Anyway, yeah I’ll be talking about the best UK deal on the phone and more up-to-date info on the phone, so yeah look out for that blog!

Our Big Dr Who Production
This weeks just been in general a stressful week, as you know by randomly finishing early last week did mean I could make it to the Dr Who Production by us, script read through, or so I thought. Yeah, turned out hardly anyone turned up, and when one of the lead characters doesn’t even turn up then you know you’ve got issues, so if this continues we’ll have to make a replacement, oh yeah, anyone can be replaced, don’t ever think because your a quote on quote “main character” you’re not replaceable!
Yeah, so quite annoyed about that, well, no more than the other Ben who arranged the whole thing, so yeah! Hopefully we’ll get some extra stuff done through the hols such as of course the big trip out to those arranged locations, time will tell.

World Cup
Now, I’m not much of a Football guy, I don’t even support England that much, why? Probably because we suck, I mean come on we drew against the USA, a country that know nothing about Football, they don’t even call it Football, they call it Soccer as Football in the US is basically an overhyped version of Rugby. Well, here we are so far anyway.
ENG 1 – 1 USA
ENG 0 – 0 ALG
ENG 1 – 0 SLV
And now we’re pretty much likely to be out after this one;
ENG vs GER. The World Cup is turning in to bloody WW2.

Ought Else…
Tell you what was interesting, this week as I was leaving College on the Monday after checking I’d finished my course, I bumped in to James H, haven’t seen him in centuries (slight exaggeration) we ended up having a trip round Leeds, wasn’t a bad way to finish the day, rather good!
Oh, and I saw the first episode of the new series of The IT Crowd early, even though its on tonight on Channel 4, 4OD had it exclusively, it rocks, can’t wait for the rest of the series.
Apart from that we haven’t really done much, but hey expect more regular blogs in the coming future alots happening as it the hols, kinda starting tomorrow with Heather’s birthday, yeah!! So yeah, rock on, and err…

E-Ya Later

Ben (Soon to become

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