Apple WWDC 2010 – iPhone 4

Apple recently made a YouTube channel simply, so rather easy to remember. The great thing about this is that Apple have added the entire WWDC 2010 show on so everyone can watch it.

iPhone 4

You will struggle not to mention the iPhone 4 when talking about WWDC 2010, in fact you’ll struggle just generally not mentioning the phone in general, why, well lets get in to it with some new features coming to the iPhone 4.

New Design
If you check out Apple’s website for the iPhone their are some more pics of it, but the new iPhone is absolutely gorgeous design, living from the design we all love, but with a sleek stainless steel body with a sleek front and back glass cover which Apple say is scratch resistive and protects the phone whilst looking great. Don’t get us wrong, the new design isn’t mind blowing, but its nice to have some change! The new white iPhone we think will be a hit as its the first iPhone to have a new colour for the front as well!
FaceTime is the name that Apple have given to their all-new video calling service. As you may have noticed, the iPhone 4 has a front-facing camera which works for Video Calling through the FaceTime, you can also use the back camera, this works in Portrait or Landscape. The one drawback to this feature is it only works between iPhone 4s, which is sad seen as many other 3G phones have front-facing cameras with video calling, its just they’re happy with that name. When the iPhone 4 is launched in July (date extended due to high demand) FaceTime will only work through Wi-Fi, which Wi-Fi video calling on a phone is new we’ll give Apple that. Apple did mention it would be coming to cellular networks but didn’t mention when, probably AT&Ts doing somewhere down the line, it normally is. Even in the UK we now and then feel the anger on the iPhone thanks to US carrier AT&T. A special FaceTime video is available here!
(Retina) Display
Quite a lot recently people have been downing the iPhone from its competition by its screen resolution on the, lets face it, incredible touchscreen. And it’s nice to know Apple heard our call as they’ve unleashed possibly the highest resolution 3.5 inch display you’ll ever see. The iPhone 4s display has an incredible resolution of 940 – 640, and with each pixel only 76 micrometers away from each other you can’t even see the pixels, I mean thats 326 pixels per inch, thats a lot! If you think Steve Jobs was been a bit OTT when it comes to demoing the Retina Display, see what you think with Apple’s little HTML5 (obviously) interactive online demo of it here.
No surprises here, Apple have updated the camera on the iPhone 4 to yes indeed a 5 megapixel, but now the camera has an LED Flash (the front camera is VGA). Apple claim they’ve made it better by capturing more protons or something, we’ll see when we start taking pictures on it. Apple are finally getting with the times … a bit, by adding what I once payed 59p to get, zoom built in to the camera app … Hey, don’t woo, this doesn’t deserve a woo.
HD Video Recording
This on the other hand does. High Definition 720P (30fps) video recording on the iPhone 4. This is where the iPhone 4 starts to make you truly go Woo. Whilst I was live tweeting for WWDC I mentioned that I bet Flip was worried about the iPhone getting HD video recording and I stick to that, we we’re all thinking that when Apple put a camera in the iPod Nano, but the iPhone 4 with HD video recording on a device thats always with you, its a clear winner. Based on the 3GS, Apple are very good at video recording so we really cannot wait to see how this looks, and sounds thanks to the iPhone 4 having 2 microphones, one at the top and bottom. The 2 microphones are apparently to clear out noise during calls, but could bring stereo video recording to the field, think about it, filming in landscape and you’ve a microphone each side, awesome!!!
But it doesn’t stop there, Apple have unleashed iMovie for the iPhone! I love iMovie on the Mac, it puts Windows Movie Maker truly to shame, but on the iPhone 4 it is just gonna be incredible. Now, I mention iPhone 4 because iMovie will be only available for the iPhone 4, yeah I was a bit disappointed, but hey it looked incredible in the demo and must be processor intensive! This incredible app will be available for $5.99 / £3.99 in the App Store.
Yes, multi-tasking is finally available on the iPhone. We must mention before we go on that Multi-Tasking whilst a part of iPhone OS 4, or iOS4 as its now known as, will only be available on the iPhone 3G[S], iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd Gen and the iPad. I think Apple are the only ones really to kinda overtake Palm on how well multi-tasking has been done, which is bad new for Palm as that was kinda, to me, the only thing any of the WebOS devices did well. Multi-tasking can be accessed by quickly double hitting the home button. A selection of running apps show on the bottom where the dock is normally, you can slide across to view more. Apple have also added music controls to this, as that was what came up if you double tapped the home button before I guess, but now it will work for other than the iPod app, for things like Pandora, Spotify etc. So yeah, multi-tasking. You can also close an app the same way you delete an app within the multi-tasking panel, touch and hold, the app will wiggle, but with a “-” sign, tap that and it will ask if you want to close the app, you then obviously confirm.
Yes, one of the biggest reasons to get an iPad is now on the iPhone, and seen as the Kindle app was on the iPhone before the iPad, you’ve now got an ultimate book collection to get. Just like with the iPad, iBooks is not pre-loaded but can be downloaded for free for all iPhones, iPod Touches and if you don’t have it yet, the iPad with iOS4 (or 3.2+ for iPad).
The iPhone now has folders! When I was running Android on a few devices having folders was great, but I think Apple have the edge here, creating folders on Android is dreadfully confusing and bad to do, typical Google there. To create a folder on the iPhone all you do is drag 2 apps to each other, the folder will have an automatic subject name based on those apps, or you can of course give you own name to the folder. And, seen as the app page limit hasn’t gone up, using folders mean you can now have a massive 2160 apps on your iPhone, WOW! Each folder can hold 12 apps, which is a page of apps without the folders by the way.
To add to the accelerometer and the compass, comes the Gyro! The great thing about having a built in gyro in the iPhone is that whilst the accelerometer helps sideways and the compass helps up and down, the gyro works through gravity. This was demoed by a game in the WWDC 2010 video at the top, which we of course recommend you watch.
Their is of course so much more!
Of course this isn’t the limit of apps on the iOS4, you’ve got unified inboxes in Mail, with multiple Exchange accounts and latest 2010 features. Overall over 2,000 features in the new iOS4, just incredible.

iPhone 4 Pricing (UK)

Just like its predecessor the iPhone 4 will not be the only iPhone on sale by its now July 2nd release date, Apple are also going to be making a new 8GB 3GS, yes 8GB. Here are prices of the 3, but just bare in mind these are HANDSET ONLY, SIM FREE, these are unlocked iPhones in the UK at last.
iPhone 3G[S] 8GB = £419
iPhone 4 16GB (White or Black) = £499
iPhone 4 32GB (White or Black) = £599
We do expect some price reductions maybe made as a network deal possibly.
The iPhone 4 will also have a massive overload of network availability from all these!;
O2, Orange, Vodafone, 3, T-Mobile, Tesco, with Virgin Mobile currently in talks.
We can’t wait for the iPhone 4 and based on the fact that Apple had to change the release date due to over-demand, we think its been liked a bit already!

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