Sagem PUMA Phone M1 Review

First Impression

You wouldn’t be wrong saying that the new Sagem ‘PUMA PHONE’ M1 looks rather like a Palm Pré, but lets get in to the phone shall we. Sagem have been very quiet recently, but since re-invented as Sagem Wireless, they are now creating new phones based on partnerships, this time its PUMA. Unlike the rather pointless Adidas phone, ugh, the PUMA PHONE is actually rather impressive. Sagem have rolled out a PUMA look to the interface to get a rather neat, yes basic, interface. The PUMA PHONE’s biggest problem is probably the €400 predicted price, yeah ouch. The phone itself has a mini-USB port which also houses the headphones, however the phone does come with a mini-USB to a standard earphone port adapter, which is nice of them. The phone does feel rather plasticy however, the handset we got was also rather slow in performance, this of course maybe fixed in a future software update more than likely.

The big feature of this phone is the “PUMA World”, which interacts with many new features. Allows connections with FaceBook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube, rather similar to HTC’s Friendstream, although stuck separately. PUMA apps to get around 12 on the handset we got, applications for the phone which are stored neatly in a separate menu. Other sections allow you to view the latest RSS feeds for sports news, after all this is a sporty phone, yet oddly feels rather fragile if dropped a few times.


Very attractive device with more or less all the features you could want in a touchscreen phone.


Would be nice to have a dedicated headphone port rather than a sickly red adapter. The interface is very boring looking and the red and orange skin looks awful. The price is also a very big let down. Hang on, this feels very fragile phone, surely a sports phone should be very resistive against been dropped etc, living the sports livestyle. The web browser built in seems almost pointless without Wi-Fi.


A phone with a great bit of potential, the phone works rather easily, the interface whilst basic looking is very intuitive, welove the music player, but the phone could be completely let down by constant release delays and the rather in our opinion ridiculous price.


€400 (Other currency prices not announced)


Delayed (April 1st was planned release)

Rating :  – This phone is let down by the terribly high price. At the right price and better built quality this phone could be groundbreaking, maybe in the PUMA Phone M2 eh, oh and get Wi-Fi please.


  • 3MPXL Camera with zoom, video and editing features
  • SMS and MMS messaging
  • Webkit capable browser!
  • Bluetooth
  • Accepts all major sound and image files.
  • Sagem custom made Java-based OS
  • Solar panel at the back with rewarded functionality.

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21 thoughts on “Sagem PUMA Phone M1 Review

    1. Its not a phone I would particularly recommend to be honest based on the price and the speed and performance of the device itself. I recommend looking around for a cheap Android device which can probably deliver all this phone can and more!

  1. I have that phone, and i guarantee you it’s not the best phone to buy. It gave me problembs from the 1st week i bought it. I’ve been returning it back to Vodacom shop to fix it countless times even the manufacturer can’t fix it. Now it doesn’t want me to go the the internet. Don’t buy this phone even for your child

    1. Go on the thing that looks like a megaphone and then click it and press on an empty slot and press the numbers and set your alarm and then press the little circle by it and if it turns red then your alram has set :)

  2. Oh God l wish lf dad never bought such a boring phone for it over hangs up,you can’t set your own wall paper,puma shop is an accessable,l do not know where to get it’s spar parts in uganda ie screen.someone to help a 17 yr boy

  3. Oh God l wish lf dad never bought such a boring phone for me .it over hangs up,you can’t set your own wall paper,puma shop is an accessable,l do not know where to get it’s spar parts in uganda ie screen.someone to help a 17 yr boy

  4. this phone is not user friendly, it is better to use only for making calls and hearing songs. its camera is quite good, but photos should be taken with a tripod stand , otherwise it gets blurred.

  5. i just bought it two days ago and the problem with it is u can set your own wall paper. and if you need internet u have t contact ur internet provider

  6. Whats up! I just wish to give a huge thumbs up for
    the good info you have got here on this post. I will probably be coming back to your blog for extra

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