Blog Monday 17th May 2010 – Been busy that's all

Haven’t been writing much blogs recently, well apart from some blogs on tech, which I have to make an update on, since I started on TechnoBuffalo I’ve had some incredible reception with over 120 comments praising my work for only 9 blogs, which can only be a good sign, so yeah thanks Jon Rettinger and the gang.

Life and what not
Well, we’ve all reached that time of the year where literally nothing happens, but exams if your in school, end of the year finishing off if your in College, or just days-as-par if your working, but hey, holidays coming up soon so I should have something to blog about I suppose. Nearing the end of the first year of my College (2 year) course, kinda on track for finishing off in time as well. One thing I’m doing now is saving up alot of money so I can get rid of my HTC Desire, which will be explained in a second review of the Desire titled ‘iPhone user review of the HTC Desire’. I gave it a 4/5 in my first review, which is true, Android wise its the best phone you can get, but lets face it, Android sucks and now I’m saving up to get the new iPhone in June/July time (prob September August time in reality) and sell it, so yeah, that was a triff purchase.

RKUK Media
A lot of changes and stuff is going to be happening soon to do with RKUK Media including of course the big ‘’ event in July, as well as some appearance changes, which can only be a good thing. And, of course we are to film a big production in the Summer, whilst we’re filming it in the Summer, don’t be expecting it next day, its gonna take a while to complete but ABW it should be awesome. So, yeh, RKUK. Oh, and Yahoo! have finally added RKUK Media to their web search, so searching ‘RKUK Media’ gets top results now on ‘Google’, ‘Yahoo!’, ‘Ask’ and ‘Dogpile’. Bing are still yet to respond, first result on Bing is our iTunes page, so hey could be worst.
Oh and we’re getting very close to adding every old Selection DVD to RKUK Media, got a big surprise for y’all as well when thats done, its gonna put RKUK on the Map for music once and for all … and for everything else as well obviously!

Short and since … how long?
Oh right, oh right, oh right, feel like bluddy Del Boy! No, err… well, I’ll have something to blog about when I have something to blog about, which to be frank is going to be from now till atleast next year so, let the bloggities begin, tomorrow I’m going to be consulting Vodafone about some added info I need to know then err… yeah, let the times roll. There’s also a week off after this Friday so thats not bad, hopefully go out on Saturday, haven’t gone out for a boozing for a bit, and well basically yeah, see ya in the next blog where hopefully you get something actually subjected rather than me ranting on about anything that comes to my mind as I type it as thats what pretty much makes up my blogs y know. Been righting a few lyrics as well, but probably won’t submit them, made that mistake then Rob won’t stop playing the result, anyway, still ranting, this is supposed to be a summary ARRGHH.

Anyway, E-Ya Later with something better than this … hopefully


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My name is Ben and I'm an extreem randomist and I think because of this all my friends are too. In spare time I make videos with friends on YT and more for RKUK Online. It's all epic!

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