Blog Friday April 2nd 2010 – Trip 2, Theatre…ish, HTC Desire, I Hate Maestro and more!

Well, happy Friday to you all, todays been quite a boring day for many reasons, which I’ll get to, but before all this … other things have happened.

Wednesday was our last day of College, as such anyway, in reality we finished on Tuesday and had something to go to on Wednesday which involved no work so was more like a trip. It was a massive improvement from last Tuesday. Got a tour around and more. But to be honest whilst it was better it doesn’t deserve its place in the blogersphere!

Hang on, did I just get a HTC Desire a Week Early!
However one good thing about this trip, despite it also meaning the beginning of the Easter 2 and a bit weeks holiday was the time we got back, last Tuesdays trip led us back to nearly 5PM, I know. But this week I was back by just after 2PM, which gave me time to do things. Now, as you know I’ve been high on the heels to getting myself an HTC Desire and Carphone Warehouse said yesterday (I went in my dinner hour) that they would have more information tomorrow about contracts etc. So went in basically to get some more information i.e what contracts are available. Now I had looked on their site and had my eyes set on a £30/month contract with Vodafone, the reason I wanted Vodafone was because its well sooooo much faster than O2 and Orange, the other options for the device, oh and T-Mobile, which would be great if T-Mobile had anything over … a bar, in anywhere I go. So, went in, and asked a guy (never got his name, although I believe its written on my reciept) about the device and to my rather surprise he said “Oh, yeh we got one in”, I was like “WHAT”, seriously even today, 2 days later writting this blog the device is still “Coming Soon” on Vodafone but available to Pre-Order for the date, Vodafone are stating 14th April to arrive. So, yeh. I think the shock just brought some intense momentum in my body that made me buy it then and their, oh did I mention that “one” was just the one they had. So, after convincing him rather slowly due to his intense persuasion that I didn’t want to go on O2, 3, T-Mobile, Orange, Virgin, I wanted to go on Vodafone, and I didn’t want a £70/£50/£40/£35 a month contract I wanted a £30, and that I didn’t want a 24 month contract I wanted a 18 one. I eventually left with the device. Based on the contract I had to pay some upfront, which was nice. So yeah, got it now. I’ll be doing a review next Wednesday coming, which funnily enough is when its available to buy from Vodafone, LOL! All I need now is a memory card (microSD), I was going to get a 32GB but their over £100 as they are so brand new. So, 16GB microSD to replace the 4GB it comes with and then err… yeah! I’ll be no doubt posting my first impressions review as I mentioned next Wednesday.

Thursday’s always seem like rather dull days in my life, basically because its always my day off, but no one elses ugh. But today despite having the dog over, yeh didn’t mention that from Wednesday to possibly next Wednesday we have a dog, which I completely enjoyed sleeping … with. No this was not an April Fools joke it actually bluddy happened!

By Theatre I mean, not at all, but there you go. Anyway there was a performance we went to see at Ben’s College (not me, Ben Hunter), think it was Twelve Night, anyway we went to see it. And I have to say it was err… well if I had to rate, I’d rate it probably 6/10, why? Well, bad actors ruining it for good ones. Their was some absolutely amazing actors in it, especially the two playing drunk men, very good, yet their was this err… well not to be racist but everyone who was black, which was one man and a woman, were absolutely terrible, dreadful acting, when they were on stage with actually alright and good actors it just ruined everything! So, yeh get pretty much a new 40% cast and ya sorted. The parts that included good actors were very good have to say. Having said that I couldn’t tell anyone anything that happened, but yeh!
Then it was time for home, we were taking Ben with us home, so they was me, Ben, Rob and James (Rob’s brother) who ended up going. It was surprisingly late when it finished have to say.
The night ended with multi-stress between stuff going off, family matters between others which we will not publicly mention, but led to visits to Premiere Inn. Got back about 00:15 so, apart from missing the first part of the first of double-bill of Two and a Half Men on VIVA I was OK.

Friday (Today)
Well today has been pretty so-so, haven’t really noticed I haven’t gone to College (due to it have finished) but the day started a bit later than yesterdays 8:30AM thanks to the dog. The day has been rather boring actually hense why I’ve time to do the blog so early, even though EDIT I left it so it seems late.

I Hate Maestro
Now, don’t think I’ve mentioned I’ve got a HTC Desire in replacement to my iPhone 3G in which I’m planning on selling, but I do have one major problem with the Android OS and thats that like alot of online services Google have stopped supporting the Maestro brand of Debit Cards, yeah triff. Now I was already against them when I couldn’t pre-order HeartGold SoulSilver as GAME had stopped supporting them, now I’ve just reached breaking point. And to add to that its a bank holiday weekend from today till Monday, so I’ve to wait till Tuesday, ugh! So, yeah, no debit card needed.

Ought Else
Well if I’m been honest mate, no!

Random Sidenote: The new YouTube layout is absolutely sh**.

And thats all folks, E-Ya Later


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