Apple iPhone 3G – 1 Year Review

Apple iPhone 3G 1 Year Review

In 2007 Apple Inc introduced the first iPhone, but not only that, but a whole new product industry for the company, since then Apple have introduced the iPhone 3G (2008) and the current iPhone 3GS (2009). Apple are expected to release the 4th iPhone in July but before we get in to all that, here’s a 1 year review of my iPhone 3G.
I was rather late in to the iPhone world, probably because I was one of the ones in the “not quite convinced” crowd and laughed at the ones queueing up at O2 and Apple Stores on the launch of both the iPhone and the iPhone 3G. It wasn’t until I got an iPod Touch for Christmas 2008 that settled things. I also think this will be the same with the iPad but for more people. I think people won’t be convinced until they actually use one themselves then I think they’ll be sold.
First Impressions (Brief)
After having an iPod Touch, the iPhone instantly felt big, but I actually understood what Steve Jobs said at WWDC that it felt good in your hands, because it did! When I got my iPhone 3G, iPhone OS 2.2 was already out, the last version of iPhone Software 2.0, although I did notice, not a large, but quite a small speed-drop in performance from the iPod Touch (2nd Gen) that I was used to using, I blamed the fact that the processor had more to do, as in cellular data etc.
iPhone Software 3.0
The worst thing that ever happened to all iPhones was iPhone Software 3.0, but annoyingly the best thing that happened to iPhones was iPhone Software 3.0. It was great because it introduced some amazing features (some that should of been their in the first place, and were their in the SAGEM my700x the iPhone replaced in my life) including Copy and Paste, MMS (… yeh I know), as well as some quite nifty extras as well. But for iPhones and the iPhone 3G it ment major drop in performance, we’re talking bad here. This has been making the iPhone 3G unbearable and we do think this is done deliberately for users to get the iPhone 3G[S], but we’re not going to be doing that very quickly as it doesn’t do much, if anything, more than the iPhone 3G.
A real let down from Apple there!
Wear and Tare
When I first got the iPhone 3G, probably everyone who’d seen it said things like ‘Well, ya better not drop it’, and stuff like that, but actually it deals with drops rather well. The iPhone 3G has had its fair share of “falls” in the past, landing on marble to concrete and still leaving quite an un-noticeable mark to be honest. So, yeh the iPhone deals very well with wear and tare. The only problem I have, which I had since day one to be honest is the silent button switcher on the side, keeps going on and off by itself which has actually lead to its biggest mark of scratching due to be chucking it across the room after the alarm didn’t go off as it was on silent.
The iPhone 3G has been a great device, not the best phone I’ve had in my life thanks to its major lack of rather basic features such as Bluetooth OBEX file transfer, a front-facing 3G camera, memory card slot to name but a few. Amazingly Apple still haven’t dealt with even one of these faults even on the 3GS, which is annoying, only video capture, but we can all get iVideoCamera from the App Store for that now. Still rather annoying which is the only reason it gets a 4.
4*5  – Great device let down by some actually rather embarrassing setbacks.

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