Blog Friday 5th February 2010 – Birthday bash, Oops, and more!

Not to start the day on a low note, but is it me or was everyone either missing today, or just extremely moody, have no idea why, I know it rained but thats just taking the mik, anyway, back to a more exciting subject eh!

Birthday Bash
On Wednesday, been February 3rd was of course my birthday, thanks to who sent messages you know who you are, how?, well basically if you don’t know what I’m talking about then … it wasn’t you. Now we’ve got that sorted out let us move on. As you know, I did something I’ve never done before, wrote a 10-day review of something I got for my birthday the same day and that was of course the iMac, makes my Christmas present look pretty rubbish actually, HAH, beat that Jesus, anyway, now we’ve lost all christian audience I’ll continue, ps Hello foreigners and atheists. The only downside in having the iMac early which trust me I couldn’t think of anymore than one, was the fact that on my birthday it didn’t feel like my birthday, to top that it well, basically nothing happened, although it did snow … for some reason.

Thursday arrives my day off, and guess what? Now the party starts, ugh, bluddy hate that, Wednesday was so perfect as I could of got wasted and arrived in at home whilst my Mums walking to work and wake up at 4:30PM as if it was a normal Thursday, but no. Nah, wasn’t that bothered actually, turned out to be a very good night to be honest. We didn’t do much out of the ordinary, me, Rob, Caddy, Grandad (lee) and Jordan, Jordan is who I met during the Rob and Beth fiasco … I mean scenario … obviously, did I just type that out loud? Annoyingly for Rob the night started by automatically foiling one of his birthday plans, for everyone to wish Happy Birthday at the doorstep, but my Mum answered and said to Rob, come in, LOL! (Oh my god I said LOL in a blog) But as soon as I left I was greeted by a sound of low-key vocals singing happy birthday emerging from a dark alleyway with a brand new camcorder, not your average walk to the front gate of your garden! Anyway, “and the night, goes on …”. We ended up trailing round Cleckheaton starting at the good ‘ol Weatherspoons, then touring far and wide, well we went to another pub then back again, but it was at that other pub where it all started to kick off. All I’m gonna say is, drink + free shot from manager + every pack of Bacon Fries (including the Card Board) = Happy Ben. Turned out Kai worked at the bar which made it kind of a bonus to be honest. Rob kept getting his video camera out, all I’m gonna say is I’ve no idea what they’ve filmed but its gonna be bad isn’t it.
Then it kinda of got weird, had my bacon fries, saw the sky had turned purple after the shot I’d had, but both Ben (Hunter) and Kai both never returned, apparently they were supposed to meet us later but they never arrived, weird.
So, we arrived back at the Weatherspoons after Jordan found out he’d missed his last bus, which of course had to go for last resort being a taxi. In the Weatherspoons I don’t know what we played, oh yes, 3 people, sh*g, marry or holiday, all I remember is picking Cheryl Cole for sh*g, by the way the others chose the 3 to chose from, then it just got weird, I’m sure its all on bluddy video.
I was going to go straight home when it reached 12, but y know what I decided to stick to it to the end and you know what I’m glad I did, we had some chips, the kind that are only nice if your pi**ed or very close to being, so at the time they were lovely, whilst ordering we stared at a newspaper with a woman in it, say no more, we’re male and human. Then we went to what had to be a very silent visit to Grandads due to his parents been asleep and we went in to the cellor, don’t judge, its been done out, its now more of a drunken courtyard now, thats actually not a bad name for it to be honest, I’ll have to remember that. Jordan was not impressed with Robs homemade brew, as was many apart from Rob to be honest, oh and Lee, but to be honest he can’t tell the difference between Vodka and Water. Oh yeh I didn’t mention, Caddy went home after Weatherspoons incase you were following wondering. During the walk to Grandads, Ben rung and well, I don’t know to be honest, Lee said he wanted us to meet him or something, the answer was definitely a no if for anything been we went to the Weatherspoons for him to meet us in max 30 minutes.
Had a ride on Lee’s exercise bike, yes you read right, actually it was the only seat I could find. Jordan left in a taxi and Rob mentioned something he’s probably forgotten about but kinda hope he hasn’t, he said he’s going to re-write Dr Conrad and you could be seeing more of Dr Conrad by Q3 2010, look out for that then! We’ll see.

Anyway, I think that’s all, probably remember something else, I’ll post it in a future blog if I do.

E-Ya Later


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