Blog Christmas Eve … Eve December 23rd 2009

Welcome to the eve of Christmas Eve, oh yes, its almost Christmas, as in its only 2 days as of writing this, but to be honest I’m actually not looking forward to Christmas this year, I’m not saying I’m a Scrooge, although I do hate snow, which the weather has definitely been delivering rather worldwide in that department. Basically I’m not getting ought for Christmas, I think everyone gets to that age of where Christmas is basically like the 25th November or something just more decretive.

What are you getting for Christmas then?
Well, nothing really, my main present if you would call it that is Apple Care for my MacBook, which whilst is good meaning I will be covered till March 2011, which is awesome, y know its always best to have something that you can actually carry around with you, and carrying a disc and a box with you kinda isn’t really that good.

Did you want something for Christmas but couldn’t?
I’ve been wanting a Wii for quite a while, although based on the fact that my sister has one and I’m yet to see a game better than Wii Sports for the Wii kinda makes it less tempting, although the new black one would be nice! Everything else kinda isn’t out yet!

If those else were out what are they?
What a poorly laid out question, anyway. Basically next year I’m planning on getting things as soon as they come out. Basically the next iPhone, which will be Vodafone for me when the new one comes out for June/July time. Since 1997 I’ve been a constant fan of Pokémon and Heart Gold and Soul Silver are to be released in March in North America, basically meaning, in English, so I’ll be ordering a copy of that. The good thing about Nintendo games (apart from TV consoles) is they have no regions to there’s no PAL and NTSC to worry about.
And lastly, something I think I’ve already mentioned is a Mac Mini, the main reason I haven’t got one yet is based on how much I’ve got for it at the moment, probably get it just before my birthday then get some money for my birthday which I will then spend to improve the Mini, so woo! I had a close look at the Mac Mini when I recently went to the Apple Store and whilst its surprisingly heavy, still love it completely.

Life in General
Well seen as my last blog was 21st, nothing much can actually happen in two days especially when its the holiday season, basically I’ve got all my Christmas presents, all sorted now which is good, the only thing I haven’t rapped up is my Mums as its so small, but yeh!

Trip to Apple Store, Bacon Fries and more!
Lastly, yesterday I went to the Apple Store, well more precisely to Meadowhall in which has an Apple Store, I went with Rob, which after an unexpected visit with Ben ended up being a visit to the Apple Store with Rob, Ben and his GF. Whilst this wasn’t really ideal as only me and Rob care about Apple gear and understand how much better an Apple Store is rather than going to lets say, Comet or something, so the time in the Apple Store was alot less than was planned originally. So I had a look at the new massive 27″ iMac, which is massive! Also had a look at the new white MacBook, which really is the same as the previous one but thinner. Then I had a look at my future baby, the Mac Mini, to be my second Mac, well whilst having a tour of the Mac Mini was a lot quicker than the other two based on its actual size that was kinda over quickly, so yeh!

A cold wintery end to the day!
Due to the fact we had more joining us in the journey, we had more hassle, lets be honest was expected, so apart from finding multiple places that sell Bacon Fries, which is absolutely awesome, had 3 packs in one day and loved it! But one thing that I did find annoying, well based on the fact we ended up getting there when we actually would of preferred to get home, that was the first annoyance, baring in mind we set of at around 11:30AM, and we got there in mids hours of 4PM and based on the fact there was no late traffic, just based on hassle with extra people. But asiding that, when we eventually got to leaving, got train back, FINE, then we caught a bus to get home, go figure, then suddenly to find out that we were going to Dewsbury!!! OK, its freezing, we’re hours later than expected, its getting dark and we’re heading further away from home, so yeh I was not impressed. So, when we arrived in Dewsbury after an insaine phone call Rob had about buses, we found out Rob was coming to get his GF. So, completely and utterly pissed off I was about that, why? One, I would of 100% of gone home if I knew that we were going for that reason, Two, all I could do was stand around while Ben and Rob comforted their GFs, I’m sorry but anyone else would say “F*** it” and gone home on the next bus before them. So, when the time arrived when we were all going home we did and I had the most boring bus journey of my life, then when we got home, we stood in the minus temperatures as they continued with what they were doing at Dewsbury, and I just couldn’t stand any longer of it so I went home! And ya know the worst thing about this, they’ll read this and call me unreasonable, unbef***inglievable

So, a day with the potential to be my favourite day in December ended being the worst, thanks guys! Although I do now have alot of Bacon Fries stockests. Ooo, and I didn’t mention the Magic Mouse at Apple Store, I found it awesome, guess some people have weird hands!

Anyway, thats all for now, probably next blog will be next year so err. Happy 2009 and Merry Christmas from me and all the team at RKUK Media, E-Ya Later


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