Has the iPhone passed its sell-buy date?

As an iPhone user myself I can’t help wondering whats next for the device, when you think of the features the iPhone lacks, which lets face it is about 5, after that what can Apple introduce to make the iPhone appealing?
App Store
The only answer I’ve been given to that question is the App Store, now with over 100,000 apps (as of Q4 ’09) but lets face it, you won’t use them all will ya, and once you’ve played one racing game, the others look the same, same with shooters, and more, I’m just wondering whats next.
Since the first iPhone back in 2007, Apple haven’t changed the UI or the way the iPhone works once, whilst some may like that as it makes it an easy transition, I don’t know, to me the iPhone is still missing something which I can’t put my finger on it.
Here’s what I’m basing it on, like I said the App Store has now over 100K applications, but we’ve all got the same apps, everyone seems to have the ‘FaceBook’ app for example, which is more or less essential for anyone, but we can all get FaceBook on all mobiles, even that old Nokia 6233 I’ve got lying around somewhere, and YouTube is also now available for even the basic-est devices.
Touch Screen
Since the iPhone in ’07, touch screen + phone, lets face it, wasn’t really working out, then Apple did their magic and, boom, touch screen working seemlessly, but now everyone knows how to make touchscreen phone and before you know it, you’ve a whole bunch of different manufacturers interpretation of the iPhone, which is all good and all and don’t get me wrong when you first get an iPhone, or an iPod Touch for that matter, its a great experience, but I’m the type of guy who used to have a new phone every 6-10 months, and whilst I’ve not got a different iPhone than I started with, I feel that everything you can get from the iPhone is now on the iPod Touch, but is also on most mainstream phones, the App Store, Touchscreen, having a touchscreen iPod, is now just a feature that everyone can follow. Speaking of touchscreen, the iPhone was the first touchscreen phone I’ve ever purchased, but after a while you do find yourself itching to actually press a button, I was using a Samsung this week, just a standalone one, nothing special, but it felt great to actually text using actual buttons, and lets face it, you can’t send an SMS with an iPhone on a bus, its more or less impossible, you’re relying on the corrector.
What do you want from the iPhone then?
I think it would go in Apple’s favour if they made an iPhone with an actual button keyboard, sort out the annoying features the iPhone needs, “Hey, can you send us that through Bluetooth?”, “…No, actually”, I’m fed up of answering that!

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