Blog Thursday 19th November 2009 – 4oD on YouTube, Weird College Room and more!!!

It’s Thursday, my day off which usually would be the case but for the first time ever in ICT I’ve got homework, I know, I’m thinking of consulting parliament, this is terrible, this is, WAAT, this is, oh my! So, yeh quite annoyed about that! I was also woken up by a drill noise, but the advantage is, we now have a shower, maybe I should explain. Basically our shower has been, for some reason, rubbish, we’ve been having cold showers, but we’ve now got a new one. Unfortunately it didn’t work at first, so this entire week has been spent, fixing the … electric thing …. arrghh forgot what you call it, but yeh, then replaced the shower and now we’re good to go!
Anyway, back to the blog, well one thing I’ve seen two classic TV adverts which basically mean it’s Christmas, the old classic ToysRUs ad is actually on as I’m typing this, ya know the one, the one with the cheasy song, that and, the big one, THE COCA COLA AD! Oh yes, the Cola ad, if that doesn’t come on, its not Christmas.
I have to say though, since my last blog, its all happened on RKUK, but nought really in lifely-hood, except on Wednesday when I had my last lesson, for whatever reason we’re not in the room we normally are, which not only was an opportunity to go into another College Centre, but not all was good, basically we ended up in the most freaky looking room, they were toy dinosaurs, communist babies and everything, basically it was meant for about 10 year olds at the maximum, which kinda made it fun, no one did anything and theirs a cool guy whos only in that lesson whos pretty funny, which is a bonus.
But thats all for me so far, so some RKUK news below!

RKUK Toolbar Update
RKUK have released an update for the RKUK Toolbar, the update basically consists on some e-mail security updates and now has Ask, Yahoo! and Dogpile. To update the toolbar, go to the RKUK Menu on the toolbar, the drop down to the right of the RKUK logo, and click ‘Refresh Toolbar’, the toolbar will blink and you’ll have new searches, so yeh!

Video Uploads are coming back!
Just a quick announcement to know that Video Uploads are back on RKUK Media for all members. To upload a video, well, click Add a Video. Or click Upload Video in the tab on Videos. The Video button on top of the … thing now links to all Videos rather than RKUK Entertainment after requests, RKUK Entertainment is now in the top drop-down tab.

Well, thats it for now, E-Ya Later… I guess, WOW that was a poor ending.


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My name is Ben and I'm an extreem randomist and I think because of this all my friends are too. In spare time I make videos with friends on YT and more for RKUK Online. It's all epic!

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