Blog Friday 13th (oooo) November 2009

No I don’t know why I did that either, but at the same time I couldn’t resist, well I’m sure we’ll find all sorts of things like that in our lifetime! <<WAT! Anyway, on that note we return to the matter in hand, this blog! Now in my last few blogs I have been bragging about how much, well, nothing really happens, not saying thats particularly changed, but, well, a few things have happened over the last few days I thought I’d share with the world!

We’re off to see Nickelback!
I know what you’re thinking, damn Ben why didn’t you add that in to your blog title, thats pretty epic, dude, or something, but well the reason I didn’t is … well, let me explain. On Wednesday night I got a phone call from Rob asking if I wanted to see Nickelback, and I was like, well, yeah of course, so agreed that the details would be filled tomorrow, which would also be when it would happen, put the phone down. So, I’m like, yeh, Nickelback gig, rock on! Then, I later found out that it actually was the Christmas Light switch on at Leeds, which would be still alright had it not be for my Mum informing me from Real Radio, who just so happen to organise this event of epicness, so yeh brill, trust me the replacement is worth waiting for!
So, me, Rob and James (Rob’s brother) set off to the bus stop where we met Ben (not me obviously) and set off to the bus stop where we we’re to go to Dewsbury to meet Trish, who’s Trish, well its Rob’s new GF, don’t you read my blogs, arrrghghh! ….Anyway, so, bus to Dewsbury, train to Leeds, wooo train. I actually got an extreemly cheap ticket for the train, I had £10 and it was like 30-odd pence, yeh love carrying that change, then my ticket never got checked so in reality I could of probably just not got one and enjoyed a light pocket, but I now had a determined challenge to spend my change through the day, wayy! So, we arrived in Leeds and who did I see, well, on Rob’s birthday I saw Ashley from College, well this time I saw Michael from College, when I’m saying from College, I mean last year when the course wasn’t full of di**s. So, had a chat to him, turned out he was off to the same place but was meeting his girlfriend, so yeh, so eventually I joined the gang and continued on to the rather expectedly large crowd. It was absolutely chucking it down which was bad, the Nickelback not performing was confirmed, ugghh, but Pixie Lott is still coming, wopty flipping duu, refrain me from doing summersaults in excitement, OK maybe that was harsh, if anything she’s quite good looking, anyway, and my age + 1, I know, bonus, anyway again, but the fact that Nickelback wasn’t here meant they’d to fill the gap and who with, well the first was the crap X-Factor singer who had that hideous dress and was fat, link at the bottom of this blog of a YouTube link. But then, ooo it all started to kick off, on the stage came Loraine Kelly!!! OH MY GOD, IT’S that one from LK Today thats on when I’m either not awake or at college, or have much better things to do or watch. Then when they filled the rest in with idiots dressed in costumes singing ‘Frosty The Snowman’ which call me rather weird I don’t actually know the words to, I think we’d had enough, definitely Ben had, Rob later said it wasn’t happy that Ben didn’t like it, but, Rob, seriously, face it, it wasn’t the best of shows! Anyway, so, where to go now, well, we ended up tracing all the way back to Cleck and going to Weatherspoons, then James had to go home, and huhh, so Ben took James home and I was left with Rob and Trish, who later had probably the biggest fuss to going home I’ve ever seen, seriously if I had a Guinness World Record adjudicator with me, we’d have a record on our hands, all I’m gonna say is he wasn’t like that with Beth, so thats a good sign, anyway, look at me talking about people on here, oo! It’s not like I’ve revealed that some people **** in the toilets and shout it on an almost full bus or anything! I think we’re even. Anywho, so yeh, so I went with them for the journey and ooo it was indeed a fun journey, to Dewsbury, then in the Red Corner, Rob “Fore the Taxi” and in the Blue Corner, Trish “I’ll walk I’ll be fine”. I’m not dissing them, I’ve just never seen someone have so much fuss over each other, anyway, when the night ended we got home, on the same bus as well, ooo! But then came a bluddy other trouble, just as we were getting close to our stop, the bus lights turn off and he goes the otehr way, ARTGHH, so we ran out of the bus basically, we almost got deported!
YEAH! Anyway, oh yeh I spent my money on McDonnalds, I got Large and a Small portion of fries as their just isn’t enough in the portion of large, don’t you tink, oo and some Munchies! Spent rest today on Lucozade and toast, woo living the high life me!
When I got home I gave my Mum a heart attack which was kinda funny, it probably wouldn’t be if it was an actual heart attack but ya know what I mean.

Anyway, just gonna finish by letting you know that Windows 7 Review will happen when it happens, the RKUK Toolbar will have an update soon with Yahoo! Bing and Dogpile search added, thanks for the requests guys. We’ve got a proxy site, oh and Selection 77 is out. Breath it, breath out, it is indeed all starting to happen. Such a pity its gonna absolutely pi** it down all weekend … bugger. Oh well, I’m a Celeb starts on Sunday and of course X-Factor where surely Lloyd should go now!

Anyway, thats all for now, E-Ya Later


YouTube Link; = The blond one!

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