Blog Saturday 7th November 2009

These past few months I have discovered something which is rather annoying to me personally and, well, in general and is really starting to effect me as a person, and thats the fact that I have a dull life. Seriously, ever since I started level 3 course, which I have to say I cannot stand, why, well the course is dull, the tutors are dull and everyone in my course are dull. This is basically why I haven’t been blogging much, I mean my last personal blog was the 24th October!!!! … !!!!

Since last blog one thing good has happened I guess, I went to the cinema, YEAAHH, no this time I didn’t get stitched up by a girl, this time I was going with Rob and the gang, plus a few more. And even though I was annoyed that I’d just had a week off with nothing happening, then the Monday it all happens, it was actually a rather fun night. we ended up seeing ‘The Vampires Assistant’ which was actually a very good film, unfortunately it suffers from been very very american, and if their is one accent in the world I just cannot stand its the american one, especially the women, you know my theory when women in america finish their sentences with a croak is because they are lazy seriously try it, say a sentence by hardly opening your mouth and use as little strength as possible, wa-la you’ve got the american voice. Anyway, back to the film, the film itself has a pretty weak storyline but makes up for it with good actors, which doesn’t mean well known actors, it means actually good actors, and yeh is an alright film.
Afterwards me, Rob, Ben, Grandad, Jordan, and two lasses, one in which was revealed to be Rob’s GF, which was interesting. Anyway, at the end of the day, well … night, we went to a nightclub and yeh rocked out! Although just to let y’all know, when you rock out in a nightclub after a few, you really are just walking around, its amazing, recorded footage can sometimes prove this. Anyway, when the nightclub was closing it became apparent, that I wouldn’t have much sleep for college the next day, Ben (not me) was wasted, and it wasn’t really too bad of a night so err… yeh!
One thing that revealed I’d had a few, was me going to college an hour early, which was rather annoying to say the least.
Here’s a very very very small review of the Vampires Assistant
Vampires Assistant : 

Things happening in the RKUK World
I’ll be doing a Windows 7 Ultimate review tomorrow after using it as my primary operating system for a week, back on OSX now which I still feel better with myself.
I’ve decided to resume my work on TechnoBuffalo and would appreciate it if people viewed atleast my profile on TechnoBuffalo, even though all content on their is actually in this blog. Link at the bottom of this blog.
Selection 18 was added yesterday, 76 was released this week too. I’ll be adding up to Selection 20 in November, then Selections 27, 28 and 29 as they all contain Christmas songs. I’ll be filling the gap between Selection 21-26 and continuing to eventually add all Selection DVDs online in 2010.

But thats all for now, like I mentioned a Windows 7 Ultimate review is coming soon and will also be, like all my tech related blogs be on my TechnoBuffalo page too.

TechnoBuffalo Link :


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