Just got a Mac, 10 things your probably should and might as well do!

1. Update your machine!
Click the Apple Logo and select ‘Software Update’ and update your machine to the latest versions off all available options.

2. Download video codec for Quicktime 7 (Leopard) or X (Snow Leopard)
i. XVid/DivX – Download from divx.com allows you to play .AVI and Matroska files
ii. Flip4Mac – Search in Google, Microsoft link. Allows WMV and WMA to play.
iii. Silverlight – Play Silverlight content on the web.
iv. RealPlayer – Play Real Media files and enjoy downloading YouTube videos.

3. Messenger:mac
Presuming you were using MSN in the Windows environment, go to Mactopia which is at microsoft.com/mac and download Messenger, unless you’ve purchased Office for Mac in which you will have it already.

4. Drag Applications to the dock and use as stacks.
Go to the Finder, click ‘Macintosh HD’, then drag the Applications folder down to the right part of the dock, then, like Documents and Download you can launch applications through stacks.

5. Shuffit Expander
If you were on Windows I bet you’ve been using WinRAR to extract all those RAR files, well on a Mac, its Shuffit Expander, in fact your sure to encounter more formats such as SIT and SITX, its all indeed exciting.

6. Transmission
OK, we’re all lying if we say we’re not using torrent sites, on Windows the best around is µTorrent, which have recently made a beta for the Mac, but the best around for the Mac is called Transmission, Google it and get torrenting.

7. Microsoft Office
If someone told you that you can’t get Microsoft Office on a Mac, they were lying, and its not Open or Neo Office either, although they are available. Yes, since 1998, Microsoft have made Office:mac, latest being Office:mac 2008 featuring Mac versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, if your not sure, I recommend checking out brief tours of Office:mac as it is nothing like the Windows way of looking, well it is, but, well, you’ll know what I mean when you start using it, oh and first thing to do when you open all Office programs, go to View > Toolbars > Formatting, that way you don’t always have to use that annoying Toolbox.

8. ClamXav
Whilst the Mac is 99.9% (feel like I’m on the Dettol advert) free of viruses, they are a miniscule amount still flocking, well, to counter these 7 or 8, you might as well download an open source client called ClamXav, its completely free and can scan and remove viruses in the rarity they arrive, seriously, put it this way, Windows virus protection deletes over 3000 viruses everyday without you seeing it, on a Mac, you’ve pretty much to ask for one. And the good thing about a Mac is you’re even more sure about pop-ups, its funny seeing pop-ups that are trying to fool people on Windows XP with the blue window bar and red cross.

9. Paintbrush
This annoys me a bit, listen up. The Mac was the first computer to come with a Paint, or MacPaint as it was called program, then Microsoft copied it with Windows 3.0, and then 10 years later it was gone. But have no fears campers, download Paintbrush, it more or less mimics Paint and is actually not all that bad. Oh, and free! Also available for Linux, if your the 1% of the world who’s bothered.

10. Enjoy!
That is it, your ready to vouch out and live life the Mac way, if your looking for new Mac software head over toapple.com/downloads or head over to macworld.co.uk for the latest all-things-Apple News.

Published by Ben

My name is Ben and I'm an extreem randomist and I think because of this all my friends are too. In spare time I make videos with friends on YT and more for RKUK Online. It's all epic!

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