Blog Friday 2nd October 2009 – Single, Olympics 2016, iPhone on 3 networks and more!

Welcome to the life of a guy who can’t have a decent relationship over the period of what, a day, which lets be frank is longer than a lot previously to be honest, but ya know what I’m still happy, to be honest you should always leave a relationship with a positive attitude, I mean lets be honest I’m not yet the age to be thinking about a lifetime relationship so its time for a bit of fun and I had that with Lucy, yes I found out her name, woo! All in all I had a great week simply because of that, well, another’s coming up … yeh right, but ya know what, if I can say anything is that I was for one not expecting it, and the first face I pulled to her probably didn’t give her a good impression, but that toast was burned so I’ve decided to blame the canteen staff at Dewsbury College for me been yet again single, Damn Crows … Damn Canteen Staff … yeh doesn’t have the same ring to it, but it’s gonna have to do!

Olympics 2016

So, where not even set in the UK for 2012, but it was announced today that the 2016 olympics will take place in ‘Rio’ in Brazil, just thought I’d inform you with that valuable information!

If you hadn’t guessed from the images, O2 will no longer be the only network in the UK to have the iPhone, from the end of 2009, Orange UK will join the crowd, and then in early 2010 Vodafone UK will also join the clan! So, when the next iPhone comes out you’ll have more choice than ever before! Now, they are many things you need to consider here, and thats that Orange, out of the three has the best 3G (overall) reception which can only be a plus, but Vodafone was the first of the three to get 3G in the first place so they are probably more experienced, oo I don’t know what to do! The next iPhone will have three networks to choose from, which for us Brits is too much to think about, although I’ve always had the best experiences with Vodafone overall based on customer support etc, plus I still have a SIM with possibly the easiest number to remember ever on Vodafone, so next year I may be changing networks and still having an iPhone, oo how exciting!
What about you, leave a comment below if your in the pickle I am about the iPhone network deal!

Anyway that’s ya lot this week, E-Ya Later


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