Blog Monday 28th September 2009 – Quite a nice Monday really!

Now I am what you could call an opposite to everything, what do I mean, well, caffeine makes me wake up rather than tired, that sorta thing, and today I proved another one of those things is correct. Have you heard the term shattered glass brings bad luck, or is it just mirrors, hmm, lets not ruin the moment, anyway well after I shattered glass this morning (a pint glass) I had quite an alright Monday to be honest, which is rare!
Well I’m gonna be honest with ya, it didn’t start that woopty-du, but was on time but took longer than me walking which was just great, then I went in to the wrong room for some reason when I got to college, but then came break! I’d made sure I had enough for some awesome toastness and all, so I got some toast, and it mustn’t of been, what, five minutes and this lass just sat on my table, which was empty by the way sob sob, she actually asked if I could get internet on my phone, in which obviously you can its an iPhone (soon to be available on both O2 and Orange in the UK by the way) then she set the record straight that that wasn’t why she came, it was that she err… yeh, which is where we get to the biggest problem between me and girls! Its quite a long story but I’ll snipit it down a bit! Basically when you’ve had the bad luck I’ve had you can never tell if someones taking the piss or literally interested and with a persōner and appearance like mine ya know ya kinda go for the taking the piss option most of the time, which no doubt has lost me a few in the past. But anyway we got talking and what not and before ya know it we’re trading numbers, which was good until I forgot to put my phone on silent in the next lesson when she texted me! She’s got bright brunette hair, if thats possible, well I know it is, but err yeh! Yeh, so bright brunette and geoorrrrrgggeoouuusss!!!! (Little Britain voice) >YT LINK<
I got asked “am I going out with her?”, well to be honest I haven’t got a clue, its early days mind, got her number, she’s got mine but you know the most annoying thing ever, I didn’t ask the most simplest thing in the f**king world, out of all this I don’t even know her name! Yes, yes, yes, stop laughing, blimey ya can tell I’m an amateur at this!
Of course they’re is still the theory that it was a joke, unfortunately girls can be a**holes 69% of the time … sometimes more!
Speaking of girls a match on Tagged, added me on FaceBook and it turns out she lives in Heckmondwike, how weird, now I do know her name, which is Chloe, have you noticed how Chloe’s are always cute, well thats what I’ve found!

p.s To add to my luck I ordered Medium Fries in McDonnalds, got Large, get on, had that and my Lucozade (Jeromy Clarkson), which was all good. Then the last lesson got cancelled as all the computers stopped working so had an early finish, so in all not a bad day to be honest!

Any hoozle, Selection 74 is out anyway, plus 75 Preview, anyway Catch Yoes later!

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