Blog Saturday 26th September 2009 – 2 Weeks of College, IKEA Trolley, Selection 74 and more!

Can you believe its nearly an entire month since I did a personal blog, I’m telling ya that is a record, something which I think needs to stop now, one, so it’ll be easy to beat it again! No, not really, but ya know, its been a while! Since my previous blog I’ve been chased by a trolley whilst visiting IKEA, I’ve started my college course and just ended the second week and, no thats about it!
To be honest that is why I haven’t had a blog for a long time, basically because where at that time of year again, the uneventful time, last year I had a lot to talk about in college and stuff as it was my first real experience out-of-school life, but now its kinda the same and rather uneventful to be honest, which lets face it, isn’t that fun!

College Life
College this year has been completely different, in a good way … kinda, in a bad way … also kinda! No, to be honest its kinda been alright to be honest, the course is at its peak so nothing is happening at the moment, but may I just say that merging Dewsbury and Huddersfield into Kirkless College has been possibly the worst decision thats ever been made, seriously every single thing has become around 90% worst, seriously, to start with, the PCs, whilst they are PCs last year they performed to par last year, now they’re connected to the sh**est network ever, which in turn makes all the computers unresponsive and laggy, which is just brilliant eh! So, first things first, get rid of that merge, their ya go, I’ve fixed the issue!

IKEA – The Chase
Well, like we always do, but this time with the addition of Ben, me and Rob went, sorry, walked to IKEA again, which if ya don’t know is what anyone would consider a car journey away from where I live, to be honest I was rather happy to be honest we had quite a laugh which got more unusual when we first, almost got locked in a petrol station and after having a bit of fun with a Shopping trolley, then got chased by it, yes you read right, me, Rob and Ben have been chased by a shopping trolley, quite something to tell the grandkids yes! Then found out IKEA was closed, so walked home where we got shouted by drunks and saw a dead cat, so yeh, quite a usual night out then!

Oh, and Selection 74 is out, I struggled to get Mr Hudson song, so I had to do a deal with Mercury Records which was kinda strange!

Well, lets hope it gets a bit more eventful in the coming days!
That’s all for now folkeys <<What?, anyway, E-Ya Later!


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My name is Ben and I'm an extreem randomist and I think because of this all my friends are too. In spare time I make videos with friends on YT and more for RKUK Online. It's all epic!

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