Blog Thursday 27th April 2009

Well this is kinda the last week of freedom pretty much before it all starts to kick off for another year I guess, and like usual its gone too fast, although saying that I’d of probably said that if it had gone slow just under the knowledge its soon back to waking up at an hour with a single figure with the worst letter combination ever, AM! Anyway, tomorrow is when it all begins got my enroll day for the level 3 course, for people who can’t work out much logic, I did level 2 last year, yeh … go figure!
I’m actually writing this blog on the floor, which is nice, but the reason I’m doing that isn’t, basically I’m in major need of a chair, the kitchen one just isn’t working for me! I’m also writing this in the pleasure hands of Mac OSX, yep got my MacBook back, and top marks for my Dad for getting it during work! Speaking of which, got an e-mail from Apple this morning, that woke me up, but I then went to sleep and read it in the hour I like to wake up at, anyway, basically, Snow Leopard is now shipping for people who reserved it such as moi! Should arrive, max 3 business days, so basically from tomorrow to next Tuesday, which is rather annoying as I’m excited as hell to get it on my Mac! I found something rather interesting out actually, MacWorld, who have been checking it out for over a week now, have found that it actually has Malware protection built in, which is actually a really assuring thing, as the Mac is now starting to get focus for viruses, nice to see that Apple are actually noticing this, and based on there two new ads this week, they want to keep the Mac from needing virus protection before you can get on your way!
Well something did actually happen this week, although I’ll be honest this week has been very uneventful! I, Ben, Grandad and Rob, went to Leeds to this random old historic place, not because we’re massive fans of history, oh no, because we’re not! No, we went because Ben has another massive mind boggling production, oo! Ben is going to be doing a Dr Who episode, which may feature some castings from RKUK, just maybe, saying nothing else of it, it will start production some time of March 2010, and thats all ya getting for now! Overall it was a rather random day as usual, some got a bit over stressed, and got a bit overwacky! But all-in-all it was alright I suppose! One thing I will say, our company is getting very strange, I mean in a good way, I mean, just random stuff like a motorbike caused just oh so much annoyance thanks to the major intelligence of Grandad Lee, but that wasn’t the end of it, oh no, it just kept on coming, which actually led to most of us having a massive breakdown, but we (just) recovered!
On Tuesday I found my DVD of The Mask, ya know its ages since I’ve seen that film, and it still didn’t disappoint, and Ben wanted to watch it when we got back from Leeds, but than the complication of Robs house been full, and me at that time computer-less, the situation kinda left a bit, than Ben left actually, obviously didn’t walk the , what, 200 yards home, took a taxi, no only joking, its 400 yards, not far anyway!
I was browsing the internet and I found that Marriland is now posting videos on YouTube not just of Yellow, but now of Silver to promote the upcoming release of PKMN Heart Gold and Soul Silver, not bad Marriland, and his Silver episodes are all videos been watched on YouTube, probably still now!
Selection 73 is now available to preview to all members of RKUK Media, which is nice!

But that is all I’ve got for ya for now, I’ll probably have something to report tomorrow, enroll days, hate them!

Anyway, E-Ya Later


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My name is Ben and I'm an extreem randomist and I think because of this all my friends are too. In spare time I make videos with friends on YT and more for RKUK Online. It's all epic!

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