Blog Saturday 15th August 2009 – Weird Night and, well, just weird!

I don’t normally write blogs at this time as I, well, never normally can be assed, but if I don’t, I’ll forget what happened which would be terrible! Basically, today has been a kinda breakthrough when it comes to randomness and, well kinda everything!
It all started around quarter to three, phone call from Rob to wake me up, first day in two days where I’ve actually had some sleep, I just hate this weather in alot of ways including ways which prevent sleep, ah, damn weather! Anyway, went down to Robs, after scones, and seen as his parents are back from there trip to Russia it was bound to be an outing, and it was. We started by walking to town, like always and also like always he got a statement, except this time they became problems, the fact that O2 had illegally charged him plus the fact that the bank Natwest, practically ripped him completely off and he’s now broke. So, the only solution was to go to Charnwood and get his holiday payment, which seems like a few minute trip, as in, hello, pay, buy, but no, in fact no as in 6 hours! We started by going to Morrisons, which was completely epic, the one thing I did notice is the fact that Rob, baring in mind that he is the only one that goes in there everyday between us, has actually lost his way around Morrisons, which is rather incredible! Anyway, we then went to the Charnwood, and guess what, his boss wasn’t there so we had to wait, little did I know it would take around 6 hours, well, rephrase that, he came in 4 hours and the rest was him not listening and me completely loooovvving washing up in the kitchen for a pint, which actually revealed quite a few things including Robs secret relationship with another male worker, think a LOL is in order for that! Just before we left, there was this guy who was a serious magician he did this trick with a hankey and seriously I and everyone else was absolutely flabagasted, it was scary! As the banter ended and Rob got paid we went home. Or so I thought, it turned out plans were changing and we were meeting Grandad and Ben in Cleck, and we did, we ended up going to a different pub than planned, one as it was closing, and another as someone who no one like was in, fair enough, I’ve no idea who they are but fair enough! Conversations started to brew, some in which were just waaaaaaaay too random to even think about explaining, but ya know what, fair enough! One thing which kinda highlighted the night was the fact that Rob’s brother James, who by the way, has a high pitch voice and is a train spotter, got two birds in Russia, apparently, he went with his Mum and Dad on a cruise, Mum and Dad eating in a place, and he came in in a suit with two lasses on both sides, I mean WOW! I seriously don’t know what to say, as can’t anyone! So yeh, after that me and Rob were forced in to a taxi from Ben, but I suppose it saved us a walk home, and that was it, seriously I don’t quite know what to say about today, just weird to be honest!
I also got a ‘♥’ from someone someone on FaceBook, I have to say that kinda made the day a bit better as she is rather hhhhhottt!!! Probably did in the wrong profile knowing me, hope not.

But ya know what, that’s all for today, rather epic day to be honest!

E-Ya Later

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My name is Ben and I'm an extreem randomist and I think because of this all my friends are too. In spare time I make videos with friends on YT and more for RKUK Online. It's all epic!

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