Apple Mini Display Port to VGA Adapter & Dual Monitor Setup on Mac OSX Review

Welcome to my review of the Mini Display Port VGA Adapter. You might not think this is much, but for Apple MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro users its quite nice addition. One good thing about this is if you have what I have, a laptop and connecting to a display, especially VGA as you’d normally have to screw both edges in everytime, but you don’t with Display Ports, they slot in like USB, and out as well, for that alone I think they deserve top marks!

Setting up Dual Monitors on Mac OSX
When you plug in your monitor into your Mac, the first thing recommended to do is launch System Preferences and then Display. Then change your resolution to the welcome amount, you will also see this on your Mac screen, so you can have different wallpaper, screensavers etc on both displays which is nice!

The next thing to do, is to set the display as the active monitor, to do this is easy, click Arrangement and you’ll see the below;

To make either the active monitor, all you need to do is drag the white top bar to the wanted display, easy, simple and waaaaaay easier than the Windows way of doing it!

– Easy to fit, and only requires a one-time fit.
– Plugs in and out of the socket like a USB, quick and easily!
– Displays require no install at all, just configure the resolution etc on System Preferences!

– Rather expensive for what it is!

Price: £20 (£18.40 EDU) Model No: MB572Z

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