HP 2159v 22" (21.5" Diagonal) 1080P HD Display Review

Welcome to the HP 2159v review, as you can see the display is a very good looking display, and take note how the surrounding bessel is similar to that on the MacBook Pro line-up from Apple, which is kinda what made me go for it really!

The display connects either through a 16-pin VGA cable (included) or a HDMI cable (not included) to get that true HD experience to the full. Note that even with VGA or DVI you still get the screen resolution of 1080 on the desktop.

– The display is absolutely gorgeous, the silver stand that hold the display up, as well as been adjustable, it also works as a keyboard storage space, HP have shaped it to perfectly fit most keyboards.
– Using the displays menu options is very easy to use, you have 4 buttons under the display, a menu button, up and down, and a OK button which doubles as an Auto button.
– The display also has built in speakers, which aren’t bad for a display speaker, but you will find yourself sticking to desktop speakers for a true sound output.
– The display is anti-glare (Matt) meaning putting it in front of a window will not effect the viewing in any way what so ever, in fact that’s where mine is sat!

I struggle to find any problems with this display, apart from the brightness goes a bit too bright, seriously at 20% its more than bright enough!

If your looking for a reasonably priced 1080P resolution display thats both attractive and easy to use, the HP 2159v will suit you perfect sir!

Price: £149.99 (available at PC WorldCurrysDixonsHP Online)

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7 thoughts on “HP 2159v 22" (21.5" Diagonal) 1080P HD Display Review

  1. Cheers writing for the review, I’ve been searching all over and details for this monitor are hard to find. I ordered one last night, it’s currently on clearance (online only) at Currys / PC World / Dixons for a few pennies under £90! No mention on there of HDMI though, it’ll be a nice bonus if mine comes with it too. Are you still using yours (I just noticed this review was some 9 months ago)? Anything I need to be careful of?

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