Apple iPhone 3GS Review

First Impression
One let down for me about the iPhone 3G[S] probably was the fact that it looks exactly like the iPhone 3G, the previous model, but we’ll step that aside and continue with the review. By the way it does differ in the fact that the entire text on the back of the iPhone is now like the ‘Apple’ logo used to be. Anyway, the main broadcasted features of the 3G[S] are Video Capture and a Compass, ooo! Yeh, so Apple are finally catching up with the Video Capture, but a Compass, do we really need this? The 3G[S] now has a massive 32GB option which is nice!
Now available in 32GB, which is perfect for all your apps and content as such
Much faster processor, in fact very noticeable.
Video Capture, and very high quality for a mobile device.
A Compass … I mean who doesn’t want a Compass. Comes useful though in Maps.
Price is steep, hence why the previous model is still on sale
Looks the same as the previous model.
Not many reasons to get a 3G[S] for previous iPhone users
An overpriced small amount of improvements to the previous iPhone. We we’re very unimpressed with the limited additions. Still the best phone you can get though.
Available on O2, Orange, Tesco Mobile and in/at Apple Stores
Rating :
rating3.5 – A good device that keeps on getting better, lack of improvements and price could let it down
3 Megapixel Camera with Video Capture
App Store™allows download to the biggest mass of apps than ever before.
All the iPhone features you love
Compass <<< Yeah!

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