Blog Wednesday 1st July 2009 – Last day of College, Firefox 3.5, Liquid Crystal

It’s July, it’s the last day of college, its la-di-dah, I know what your thinking, get on with the blog, OK, random person that sounds like me I will!

Last day of College
Today was the cource overview thingy, basically we come in, they tell you what you know, then if you can get into Level 3 or not, unless you’ve other plans, in that case they just tell ya what you know! Well, now thats off our chest, well just mine, but anyway! I knew for a fact I’d merited the course before I came in, so apart from the annoyingness of the warm weather, all was good on my part. I’d to arrive at 2:30PM at the college room, which like always I was a bit early so I got some Lucozade, very nice I must say. Got in, everyone here, except Michael, who thought, paahh, although he already knew so I’ll give him that one, and Sam J, but that was due to injury! Anyway, got in, everyone seemed in a happy mood, I mean who wouldn’t be, its the last day, and unlike at schools we don’t have to be their through the day, only the time we’re needed, which ended up being about 20 minutes, Judith, Nancy and partially Lee talked through getting into Level 3, letter around about August, enrol, wa-la.
Quite a lot got through, although most of who I know won’t be here next year, so it’ll be interesting to see who’s left. Jonathon is going into the Army, apparently. Sam failed, I would be lying if I didn’t, and he didn’t see that coming, so a fresh start next year then. One good thing is I can still benefit from my EMA, still get the top shot for the next two years before it needs to be renewed, although by then it would be ALG. Anyway, thats pretty much the last day of college, great, apart from the surging heat!

Ought to add to that!
Not really, I saw Rob on the way to college, thought he was taking a driving test as it was a different car, phew when I found out that it was his Dads new car and he was just having a look. I swear I saw Jesus this morning, seriously the spitting image was walking by the top of the road, just with white hair, I mean, come on, even Jesus ages, anyway!

Firefox 3.5
Firefox 3.5 was released this week and I’ve downloaded it. I have to say, it’s faster, cleaner, and overall better, can’t go wrong with it, the only problem I have with it, is, it’s, Firefox! Don’t know why, but there is something about Firefox that I’m not a fan about, I think its verging on being a bloated web browser, since using Apple Safari on Windows and OSX, I have to say that beats it for me, Firefox just isn’t my thing. But if Firefox is your thing, version 3.5 is a worthy update, it steals the grab feature from Safari, where in multiple tabs you can drag it out to make it into its own new window, it also supports multi-touch on Mac OSX for the notebooks, so you can (like in Safari) go back and forward using 3 fingers etc. Any doozle, if you want Firefox update, head over to
–Disclaimer: I must note that I’m writing this based on my experiences on Mac OSX, Windows or Linux may be different and features may not be included

Liquid Crystal
Liquid Crystal is possibly the best re-make of PKMN Crystal out their, and unlike Crystal Shards, the other known Crystal re-make, this has specialized music, new rivals, new places, its better and new! Check out my specialized Liquid Crystal blog byclicking here!

But that’s all that mattered to me this June 1st 2009

E-Ya Later


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