iPhone/iPod Touch App Review : Bounce On!


Price: £2.39 / Free Lite/Demo Version also available.


This is quite possibly the easiest game to start using, you have literally one control, you touch to jump, and turn left and right to move. Whilst the scenario of gameplay sounds rather boring it becomes very addictive, I’ve had this game for two weeks now (and got it for less in a limited time offer, sorry guys) and I have to say it is very addictive, I’m on it everyday more or less, with each updates come new updates. The game can be a bit stessing when you can’t complete a higher level for a while and obstacles as in other weird creatures, first in which you’ll see is this worm, then a large blue ball, it then goes onto springs to spikes to all sorts basically. In the upper levels you have limited upgrades, one changes your speed, one invincible, which can be found through these weird looking machines. The scenery of the game is very similar to that of Sonic the Hedgehog in many ways, except the level doesn’t end with a TV, it ends with you been shot out of a catapult, its rather strange this game, if you didn’t guess so far! To be honest, you need to play it to believe it. More screenshots and more are available through the download link at the bottom!


The aim of the game is to get from left to right in each set of obstacle courses whilst avoiding creatuers and collecting blue stars. Bonus points are available through Gold circles. It’s one of them easy to understand but gets addictive and rather amusing games, like the original Snake from Nokia, rubbish but everyone loved it!

Rating: 5/5

>>DOWNLOAD<< Works on iPhone Software 2.1.1 or later. Compatible with all iPhones/iPod Touches.

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