WWDC 2009 – New MacBook Pros and Mac OSX Snow Leopard


Conference starts with PC trying to wish the conference well, fails miserably, rather funny. Mac says have a great conference! Out comes Phil Schiller to start the conference, starts by announcing Mac OSX users have now tripled in the last two years, basically 3 times more Macs exist in the world from two years ago!
First up notebooks, talking about how they are now. To make them better, an update to the 15″ MacBook Pro, which includes a new battery supporting upto 7 hours battery life. As well as that, an SD card slot and some very nice spec bumps and also nice price bumps! The 15″ model now supports upto 8GB DDR3 RAM, from the 4GB it did before! An update to the 17″ then follows with some very aggressive price drops and SD card slot. To add to that the updates are available today! Next up is an update to the 13″ MacBook, including the same 7 hours battery from the 15″, plus an SD card slot, but even more, something many will thank them, is it has a Firewire 800. It can now as well be configed up to 8GB RAM, again from the 4GB it did before! Something rather unexpected was the fact, the MacBook, now cheaper to get with higher specs as well, is now called MacBook Pro, which is weird but awesome! And the MacBook, sorry, MacBook Pros are all available today! Next up, is the MacBook Air, which has now a 1.89GHz on the lower model, and a 2.13Ghz model now, but one thing that’s even better is the major price drop from the price before! Phil then mentioned they all reach the Energy Star™ 5, which comes out standard in summer!
Now it’s time for Mac OSX, bring out Betrand Serlet, memories of the Vista rant begins, and you know what, it’s the same, now with Windows 7, love this guy, hilarious! He gave it the quote that Windows 7 is the same technology as Vista and is just another version of Vista. He now mentioned the name Snow Leopard was chosen because it is Leopard polished. Refinements, Technologies and Exchange are the three main goals for Snow Leopard.

New in Snow Leopard
90% of Snow Leopard is refined, the Finder is unchanged but is now rewritten through Cocoa which, is good by the way, makes it better for future OS’ and updates.
Next, the dock. Starting with Exposé, which can now work through the dock, basically, you press the Exposé button and the App on the dock and only that Apps windows will show. You now have more options if you click and hold in Options, which they didn’t really go into. Stacks were also improved, you can now view folders in Stacks, folders inside folders without having to go to Finder. So that’s the dock.
Next up, Installation, which is now claimed to be 45% faster than Leopard. And 6GB less space taken from OS than Leopard.
Preview next, it’s had a major speed up in performance, 2x speed opening image formats and 1.5x faster on PDFs. Also copy and pasting from PDFs in Preview is improved with Paste Stabilising the content.
Next, chinese imputation, you can now draw chinese from the trackpad!
Mail has been 2-3x improved in speed, which can only be a good thing.
Safari 4 is now out as well for Tiger, Leopard and the other ones, XP and Vista. It’s over 6X faster than Internet Explorer 8. They next show some features that only work with Snow Leopard, such as Crash Resistant, which is awesome. The number 1 reason for crashes on Mac OSX is browser plug-ins. Now with Safari 4 if a plug-in crashes, it’s stopped and the browser and the OS is not effected, very good!!! Safari 4 on Snow Leopard is 50% faster than Leopard as it’s 64bit.
Next up, Quicktime, and the new Quicktime X (10) boasting a new cool logo. It now has Hardware Acceleration, Colour Sync, HTTP streaming, and, a new UI. Which is black and clean. And of course 50% faster due to 64bit. Also if you move your mouse away from the on-screen controls they will vanish and you’ll only see the content, this before was only in full screen mode.
Next up, a demo! Up comes a demo guy called Craig, showing of Dock and Finder first, demoing what I’ve mentioned above. He actually shows of a new feature of the Finder, now you can preview documents in column view from the icon. Next, they show off the Dock features I earlier mentioned. Now it’s Safari 4. Another new feature in Safari 4 as you know is Top Sites, but a feature in that is that you can tell if a site has had an update through the appearance of a blue star in the corner. Now, a Quicktime X, it basically looks like Quicktime in full screen when it’s not. But you can now trim and share your videos and re-save the trimmed clip, even as a new format for let’s say, an iPhone, you can also share to YouTube or MobileMe straight from Quicktime, though I doubt this feature will hit the Windows side. And that was the demo.
Of course the big one to mention is full 64bit in Snow Leopard, discussions on this went on for a while. 16TB Ram, 2x clock speed. All major system apps will of course run on 64 bit.
Next up MultiCore, with a weird logo, and started by mentioned the new technologies called ‘Grand Central Dispatch’, which is built in support for multi-core. One thing on this is Threads from multiple running and minimised apps, the one in question was Mail. They did a charter for threads used when Busy and when Idle, these have been dramatically improved, when Idle it’s now no longer taking up any memory at all compared with it now on Leopard, using this through all apps obviously gives a big win in performance.
Next up is Open CL, spelt correctly, it actually has alot to do with Open GL, it’s graphics.
They then talked about Microsoft Exchanged support which wasn’t that exciting, basically it’s easy to install, it’s like on the iPhone really, more a plug-in than a feature in my eyes, but it’s not an add-on like on Windows, ironic eh. And that was Snow Leopard.
But he got a massive cheer when the price for it in it’s September release!!! $29, no joke, no 0 missing at the end, seriously that’s it!!!

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