Is the Nintendo DSi Worth It?

Only a few weeks now since Nintendo started shipping whats called the Nintendo DSi, the latest update to the DS series, but is that all it is, just an update, if you compare it with the PSP, many feel the PSP 3000 is just a design upgrade and no real change to even the original one, is this the same with the DSi.
Well, I think the best way to look into this is to start by checking out the DSi’s offerings compared with, the DS Lite, which I happen to own in white, still quite annoyed that christmas when the black was out of stock, grr.

Above is a picture of the side of a blue DSi box. Basically everything new is listed here. So let’s run through this new features.
1. You can listen to music and play games through the built in SD card slot! And! You can purchase an add-on for the current DS models to do exactly the same, it’s £30, but that’s alot less than the DSi if that’s all your getting it for.
2. Browse the internet! Just to point out that when you purchase a DSi it doesn’t actually come with a web browser, you’ve actually to download one from the DSi Store, more on that in the 3. By the way, if your not impressed with browsing on the PSP, don’t expect any more from this really!
3. Download apps and more through the DSi Store! This is probably the big one, the DSi Store, speculations are going round that this is Nintendo’s counter to Apple’s App Store, although baring mind the Wii Store was around before the App Store, and this to most including me is Nintendo’s version of it on the DSi. So, the DSi Store is probably is yes a reason to get the DSi, although many could argue you could just get some roms on that magic £30 card thingy!
4. Two built in Cameras! I can see this being integrated in some purvey way with Nintendogs, but until games come out that people will actually want that use the cameras, no to that one. Although their are some quite funky pointless editing preferences built in.
5. Well, there is no 5, so apart from a mini mini mini processor bump, probably for the camera and internet, the DSi doesn’t have much to tell me to grab one, plus if you wait and get one later, it’ll be cheaper, but remember to keep your old DS for GameBoy games, cos some idiot thought, “y know what, we don’t need GBA anymore”, so bad for guitar hero eh!

Overall, the DSi to me is quite a pointless updated version of something that’s still OK, removing the GBA is something thats gonna take sometime to get over, unless you can add .GBA files in the card reader.

What’s your thought’s, comment and let me know below.

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