WWDC 2009 Dates Announced!

Apple today announced the dates for it’s June/July yearly event, now the only one of its type since Apple ditched MacWorld this year. WWDC, which stands for WorldWide Developers Conference has had many hypes for pretty much every time it’s held and they’re two things on people heads that will be announced involving Apple’s most exiting fields, the iPhone and of course Mac.

Rumors state that Apple may unveil an all new iPhone at WWDC 2009, which lets be honest, would make sense, iPhone came from WWDC 2007, iPhone 3G came from WWDC 2008, so yeh possible. The only thing thats siding me away from that happening is the fact of what could really be on a new device, literally all I can think they could put as something that couldn’t be made accessible on the current iPhone 3G is a front facing camera or a camera improvement, or of course design. One thing for sure, if they do, it won’t start on Pay As You Go, so if your wanting an iPhone on Pay as you go, you’ll still be happy as larry with an iPhone 3G. Why so sure? Well, two year ago was the original iPhone and that is still currently capable of the new software 3.0 prior to MMS, so no worries at all. Which leads me to 2/2, the iPhone software 3.0. Early this month, Apple held an event broadcasting some of the things they were working on for the latest big plunge, iPhone Software 3.0. By the way, the software is fully compatible with iPod Touch 1st and 2nd gen and iPhone 3G, and prior to a few features is compatible with the 1st gen iPhone, it will be a flat charge for iPod Touch users and free for iPhone (3G) users. The main hyped features of 3.0 were, finally MMS, cut copy and paste, spotlight feature to search through all of your phone/ipod and push notifications which could come in useful for apps like IM+ which has to be constantly active to really use. Others were announced as well such as in-app purchasing, but those were the main ones. Apple claim to have over 100 new features in the new 3.0 software, and definitely finishes off my doubts on an iPhone.

Obviously only one thing for it, Apple are rumored to release it at WWDC, what? Of course we are talking about Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard. Apple did announce it was going to be more of a hardware upgrade rather than features like Tiger (10.4) and Leopard (10.5) but still great. I would expect it to go for the same $129, but who knows, maybe cheaper due to not having as much features, but I’m saying what I don’t know, they may actually have some secrets up their sleeves, if they do then thats Apple’s “up yours” to the rumor sites and good on ya Apple.

But to be honest no one truly knows what they’ll bring out to us, but lets be honest their looking pretty healthy at the moment so who knows, speaking of health, theirs also a rumor of Steve Jobs making an appearance whether hosting or partial appearance but again like MacWorld we maybe disappointed thanks to the rumors, I like all Apple people hope he does make an appearance even if it’s only 5 mins at the start or end.

APPLE WWDC 2009 – JUNE 8TH 2009

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